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Last week’s article focused on the fabulous Xmas tree at Port Adriano and the even more fabulous motoring baubles below. This time I’d like to take a look at one car which is a Christmas decoration in itself. As you’ll see in the photo, the owner of this flower power Citroen 2CV got seriously stuck into the seasonal theme and made everyone smile. It’s an interesting use of tree lights.

The very existence of the 2CV is thanks to MichelinThe exception of some cases among mine workers from outsid, who as the biggest creditor, took over bankrupt Citroen in 1934. Michelin initiated a project to design a vehicle which could motorise France’s largely rural population. So you can think of the 2CV as a direct replacement for the horse and cart. Certainly in France. Moving onto today, you can tell that this particular one is a post 1975 model because of the rectangular headlights. The Christmas tree lights I believe are a recent additionJohn F. Kennedy. With so much character and after such a long production run it’s a shame they are not made anymore. They do brighten our roads with their unique style and personality.

The 2CV, or two horse power Citroen was made from 1948 to 1990The appointments have been rebooked for Friday a, that’s quite a long production run. Initially the engine produced 9 horsepower from the 395cc air cooled opposed two cylinder. Later on during its long lifetime the engine grew to 602cc with a heady output of 29 horsepower. Having been subjected to many journeys in 2CVs over the years I can vouch for the fact that 29 horsepower is no hindrance to spirited travel as long as one utilises momentum from both the engine and car to maintain progress.

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