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"Decoration" seems insipid but extraordinary. It can be said that every decoration design has poured into the designer's strong spatial imagination and matching ability, so no matter what the theme decoration is, there will be a decoration idea, and then use the unified concept to run through the beginning and end of the whole decoration. Today, Wuhan's cutting-edge designers use their own personal experience to explain such a nostalgic decoration, What kind of nostalgia can make people palpitate? And by Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian to tell the story

nostalgic furniture. Many people think that the new furniture can best show the good decoration effect, but sooner or later, the new furniture will be useful to the old, but one kind of beauty is that the old furniture can well show a traditional charm, so if you want to really use the old decoration to become the most eye-catching front-end decoration of modern decoration, this kind of "deliberately" old decoration is very worthy of reference

elegant wallpaper. In addition to nostalgic furniture, the selection and use of wallpaper plays a vital role in the whole decoration. Bright wallpaper can make people feel happy, and dark and dim wallpaper will bring a depression and depth to the house. For nostalgic decoration, this kind of elegant and simple wallpaper is just right, and the tranquil patterns and ancient beauty pictures are unique

national style. The integration of culture makes modern decoration realize the diversified development of decoration. The combination of carved ceiling decoration and nationalized carpet on the ground makes the cultural characteristics of the whole home decoration stronger

green brings vitality. Little decoration runs through the whole home decoration with green, but this old decoration breaks the confinement of this kind of decoration, and makes good use of the vitality of green to bring this decoration fresh vitality. At a glance, it is not only not flashy, but also durable

American soft clothing. In the whole soft decoration collocation, European and American style accessories are used more, such as bedside lamps, dining tables and chairs, which bring a lot of life appeal and interest to simple decoration

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