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Now is the peak season of decoration. In the market of various decoration materials, there are a variety of brands of paint, and the containers are filled with beautifully packaged products. Careful study of its selling points is nothing more than benzene free, health, environmental protection, mold proof, washable, quality certification, association recommendation and so on. As an ordinary consumer, without sun Dasheng's golden eyes, it is difficult to judge its advantages and disadvantages by the naked eye alone. So how to choose paint without being cheated by paint? The skills and skills have to be faced up by consumers

paint quality varies greatly

after visiting several paint shops in the building materials City, the reporter heard the most sentence is: the paint quality of each kind of paint is the same. The meaning of this is: a group of paint from others sells for 500 yuan, and mine sells for 450 yuan; If you buy someone else's, it's worth buying mine. Is that true? In fact, the difference in the quality of paint products on the market is very large. For example, one of the main materials of interior wall coatings is titanium dioxide. The domestic anatase type is only 8000 yuan a ton, and the imported rutile type is more than 20000 tons. Therefore, a good interior wall coating is worth hundreds of yuan a barrel, and a poor one can only be sold for dozens of yuan a barrel. Another example is wood lacquer. The solid content of good varieties is more than 40%, while the poor ones are less than 30%

foreign brands are not necessarily suitable for national conditions

at present, most of the products on the market that claim to be foreign are produced by domestic factories. If its main material is low-grade domestic materials, it is a genuine low-grade goods; Instead, some domestic manufacturers use all imported materials, and the product quality is far better than that of foreign brands. On the other hand, real imported goods may not be suitable for domestic consumption habits due to different standards. Foreign wall paint has to be repainted in a few years, and furniture is lost in a few years, which we generally cannot do. Therefore, domestic paint must be more durable, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant than imported paint

painters should be on guard against illegal money

a few oilmen or carpenters have formed a community of interests with some paint dealers to seek illegitimate interests by falsely raising prices. A paint dealer gave an example. An oilman asked to buy 20 groups of decoration paint, of which 10 groups used empty containers, fooling the owner. After being rejected by them, the man went to another paint shop and got more than 1000 yuan of black money. Insiders suggested that if the oil workers strongly demand to buy a certain brand of paint, consumers must be more attentive

it is common to sell dog meat by hanging sheep's head

at present, there are still phenomena of false evaluation, lax certification and inadequate supervision in the paint industry. The products submitted for inspection and sampled for inspection are qualified. As for ensuring that each product meets the requirements of national mandatory standards, it is entirely up to the conscience of the manufacturer or business. Industry insiders revealed that the products of a well-known brand are national inspection free products, but another brand under the same factory was disqualified by sampling inspection

with the strengthening of the government's supervision on the quality of building materials products, toxic and harmful products are rare on the surface, but some garbage products still have a certain market under the cover of false propaganda

so in front of all kinds of publicity, don't rush to open your wallet, and it's safe to check the authenticity and legitimacy of the information and certificates sent to you online. Industry insiders said





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