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As we all know, people buy houses with balconies. The balcony not only has the function of lighting, but also can be used as our leisure place. We can relax ourselves after busy work. In fact, the balcony has many functions, which depends on how users design and decorate the balcony. Now I will briefly introduce the balcony decoration design skills and precautions for you

balcony decoration design skills

1. Flexibly expand the space

if you want to design the balcony as a closed type, it is recommended to connect it with the interior, which can not only effectively expand the indoor use area, but also not waste the balcony space

2. Transform the balcony into a leisure area

if your balcony area is large, it is recommended that you transform the balcony into a practical place. For example: study, reception room or tea room, etc., so that the balcony becomes a multi-functional application space

3. Leave a green space

most people live in noisy cities, far away from nature, so many people like to add a touch of green to their homes. If you like to raise some flowers and plants, you might as well design a flower exhibition area in the corner of the balcony to make the indoor air more fresh and natural

4. Use bricks skillfully in balcony decoration

when we enter the decoration design of the balcony, the top of the balcony can use traditional “ Lifting beam ” Two red beech “ False beam ”. The walls of the balcony can use external wall tiles, and the ground is best to use Spanish floor tiles with relatively simple colors. In this way, the combination of Chinese and western, hierarchical design, will make the balcony look more exquisite

precautions for balcony decoration design

1. The decoration style should be unified, which is a very important first point in balcony decoration. The living room is a public place for family members' activities and gatherings; The balcony is connected with the living room, which is not only the area within the line of sight during activities, but also the extension of the living room area. If the living room and balcony are two different styles, it will make people feel disordered

2. Lighting is the second important point in balcony decoration. The balcony is an important part of daylighting, and the living room and balcony are interlinked. When decorating the balcony, try not to block the daylighting of the living room

3. The selection of decoration materials should be appropriate, which is the third important point in balcony decoration. Generally speaking, the material of the ground can be selected according to the size of the area. If the house area is large, you can choose different floor materials; However, if the area is small, you must choose materials with the same style and color

editor's summary: the above is about the balcony decoration design skills and precautions. I hope to provide you with some help in balcony decoration. Here we need to remind you that we should design the function of the balcony according to our own functional needs





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