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Selection of filter and how to select filter

today's CDW (6) 0 impact test low-temperature tank day has brought us a matter of great concern. How should I choose the filter? Our company has recently developed several more advanced experimental machine filters? There are four types of filters, i.e. coarse filter, general filter, fine filter and ultra-fine filter, according to their filtering accuracy (particle size of the amount of impurities filtered). They can filter more than 10 μ m、 μ m、 μ M and μ M. Pay attention to the following points when selecting the oil filter

1. The filtering accuracy shall meet the reservation request

2. Be able to persist in adequate mobility for a long time

3. The filter element has enough strength and will not be damaged by the action of hydraulic oil

4. The filter element has good anti-corrosion function and can work for a long time under the specified temperature

5. The filter element is simply cleaned and replaced

the installation position of oil filter in hydraulic system is as follows:

1 To be installed on the outlet oil circuit of the pump: the purpose of installing the oil filter here is to filter out infectious substances that may invade the valve type and other components. Its filtering accuracy shall be μ m. It shall be able to bear the working pressure and impact pressure on the oil circuit, and the pressure drop shall be less than 0.35Mpa. At the same time, safety penalty shall be installed to prevent oil filter from blocking

2. It shall be installed at the oil suction outlet of the pump: oil surface type oil filter shall be separately installed on the oil suction road of the pump to filter a large amount of miscellaneous particles to maintain the hydraulic pump. In addition, the filtering capacity of the oil filter shall be more than 2 times of the pump's mobility, and the pressure loss shall be less than 0.02mpa

3. It is installed on the system oil return circuit. This device has the function of direct filtration. Individual filters are connected with anti pressure valves. When the filter blockage reaches a certain pressure value, the negative pressure valve opens

4. Installed on the general oil receiving road of the system

5. Independent filtering system: large hydraulic systems can provide effective experimental space: a 650mm special hydraulic pump and oil filter form an independent filtering return path. In addition to the oil filters required by all systems, the hydraulic system often installs a professional fine filter in front of some main components (such as servo valve, fine throttle valve, etc.). It can be seen that we are creating technical solutions Meet the customer needs aspect to determine their abnormal work

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