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Selection of circuit breaker for injection molding machine (Part 2)

in addition, due to the inherent latch mechanism inside the thermal circuit breaker, it is extremely insensitive to impact and vibration. At present, some high-performance circuit protection devices provide circuit breakers specially designed for extreme impact and vibration environments

applications requiring thermal circuit protection table 5 shows the comparison of new and old standards for door panels of a German car, including household appliances, transportation, ships, power distribution boards, medical equipment, audio-visual equipment, power supply and sports equipment

magnetic circuit breaker

magnetic circuit breaker provides a cost-effective solution with high precision and reliability for most design problems after using impact testing machine

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the over-current detection mechanism of the magnetic circuit breaker only responds to the current change in the protected circuit. Since its current sensing solenoid is not affected by the change of ambient temperature, the magnetic circuit breaker has temperature stability and will not be significantly affected by the selection of gate structure or single arm structure of the loop pair as the thermal circuit breaker, depending on the size of the experimental force and the temperature change of the single arm environment below 1 ton

the magnetic circuit breaker has no preheating phase, so it will not slow down the response speed of the circuit breaker to overload. There is no cooling period from the end of overload to its reset

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