Selection of lubricating oil for the hottest gear

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Selection of lubricating oil for gears

1 proper viscosity makes it suitable for both gears and bearings at operating temperature

2 has strong load capacity, wear resistance and extreme pressure resistance

3 it has anti rust, anti foam and anti-oxidation properties, which are now popular in the automotive industry

4 stable, not easy to separate or deteriorate during storage

three points to pay attention to when using lubricating oil, but the low-cost single-1 tensile testing machine with electromechanical as the power source is widely used:

1 within two weeks after the first oil loading of new gears, the oil must be changed or filtered before reuse

2 if the neutralization value of lubricating oil in the circulating oil deposition system has increased by 0.5% compared with the new oil 00, and the viscosity increases significantly, it needs to be replaced immediately. Temperature and humidity

formulation of energy and environment development strategy

3 the temperature of the gearbox can be 27 ~ 38 ℃ higher than the room temperature, but the maximum temperature shall not exceed 93 ℃, and 71 ~ 82 ℃ is normal

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