Selection of the hottest grounding resistance test

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Selection of grounding resistance tester

why is the grounding resistance of special synthetic rubber such as solution polymerized styrene butadiene rubber still a problem ignored by everyone? The main reason is that there is no ideal measuring instrument. Due to well-known reasons, the accuracy of the test value of the grounding megger is very poor. Sometimes the same grounding resistance becomes an abstract physical quantity, which is difficult to understand. With the development of scientific instruments, the advanced grounding resistance tester completely controls the essentials of grounding resistance test, and can make the test value correct. At present, the intelligent grounding resistance meter is not only powerful; In addition, it can cope with various complex situations on site, such as effectively eliminating interference, automatically tracking the most appropriate test strip and ground parts, and immediately giving intelligent prompt when various problems occur. Earth resistance instruments such as GEOX and et3000 can also directly measure interference frequency, interference voltage, automatic zero calibration, etc

in addition to the above ground resistance test instruments, the 6412 and 6415 single jaw ground resistance meters of French CA company are also popular ground resistance test instruments at present. The et2000 type of similar products produced in China has the basic function similar to that of CA company. Because the instrument is small in size and easy to operate, it is the most ideal ground resistance instrument to inspect the quality of grounding devices in the rainy season or at the middle and end of the year. If the test accuracy needs to be higher and the cost is only 1% of the price of silver, you can use the et3000 double jaw grounding resistance tester, such as the power specifications of grounding devices such as output wire tower, microwave tower and lightning rod: 220V (AC) grounding resistance measurement and auxiliary devices (faucets and water pipe devices) with good grounding conditions, The double jaw type grounding resistance meter can be used to measure the grounding resistance. For large-scale system grounding, network grounding and soil resistivity tests, htdw-iii earth resistance meter should be selected. Three wire and four wire measurement methods should be used. Due to the unique function of the instrument, the repeatability and stability of the measured value of earth resistance can be guaranteed, and the diesel steam ratio can be reduced. The measurement accuracy of htdw-iii earth resistance meter is as high as 3%, and its test current is less than 3a

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