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Huanxin and Alibaba cloud signed a cloud native cooperation to jointly build the "new infrastructure" of cloud communications.

recently, Huanxin, a leading domestic enterprise software service provider, signed a cloud native partner program agreement with Alibaba cloud and was successfully selected into the Alibaba cloud native partner program. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in cloud native technology, help enterprises realize the upgrading of cloud native + cloud communication technology and accelerate the digital transformation and innovation of enterprises through the new Internet technology architecture of cloud computing + cloud communication. In this regard, Ning Xiaomin, head of Alibaba cloud's native ecosystem, said: Huanxin is the leader in the instant messaging industry and an important partner of Alibaba cloud in the field of cloud communications. This cooperation, the in-depth integration of Huanxin and Alibaba cloud, can provide better services to customers in the industry

invest 2billion to support 100 leading enterprises and jointly build Alibaba cloud's native partners

as we all know, it has become an inevitable trend for enterprises to go to the cloud. Under the epidemic, although all walks of life have been affected to varying degrees, those enterprises with sound digital capabilities have stronger ability to resist risks. After this epidemic, more and more enterprises have strengthened their faith and pace in going to the cloud and realizing digital transformation, and cloud native technology is the shortest path to realize digital transformation

Alibaba cloud is the definer and leader of cloud native technology in the global field. At present, Alibaba cloud's native technology stack has covered container services, serverless application engine, function computing and other technologies, and has been implemented in combination with its own production practice in e-commerce business. With the help of Alibaba cloud native products, including enterprise level distributed application service EDAs, message queue MQ, performance test PTS, container service ack/ask, serverless workflow, serverless application engine SAE and other cloud native products, we can accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises and enjoy the technological dividends of the cloud native era

at the 2020 Alibaba cloud partners summit, Alibaba cloud said that it would continue to deepen the integration strategy and strengthen the ecosystem. In the next year, it would invest 2billion special funds to launch the cloud native partner program, preferably supporting 100 head partners, empowering 10000 partners and 500000 developers, jointly serving millions of cloud customers and helping partners realize the upgrading of cloud native technology, Work together to accelerate the digital transformation of hundreds of industries

in fact, as a leading enterprise in the field of instant messaging, Huanxin has become an ecological partner of Alibaba cloud for seven years. Recently, it was certified and licensed as a native partner of Alibaba cloud. The two sides will help enterprises share the dividends of cloud native technology and jointly build a new infrastructure of cloud communications

Huanxin x Alibaba cloud, work together to create a safe, easy-to-use, stable and reliable new infrastructure for cloud communications

cloud communications is universal, but enterprises face a huge digital divide in the process of using it, which is manifested in high communication technology threshold, high business security compliance, and difficult system maintenance and governance. At the same time, as the rigid demand of enterprise digital business, cloud communication has covered the whole life cycle of enterprise users, but how to develop efficiently, how to adapt to business scenarios, how to interact with the original system, and support personalized scenarios and business innovation are also challenges faced by enterprises

as the earliest and largest instant messaging cloud service provider in China, Huanxin has served 400000 developers and 300000 apps, opening up an era of instant messaging cloud from scratch. With the advent of the 5g era, Huanxin has also been firmly in the forefront of the 5g audio and video industry, relying on its first mover advantage and profound accumulation in the audio and video field. Huanxin always keeps updating every week and iterating at the speed of a large version every month. As live broadcasting has gradually become the core element of new retail and new infrastructure, Huanxin timely launched an industry wide and scene wide live broadcasting solution. Practice the vision of connecting people and business step by step

with the advent of the 5g era, compared with traditional communication messages, 5g messages can not only realize the diversified presentation of messages, such as supporting users to send rich media messages such as text and text, location, group chat, multi chat and new heights, group chat, audio and video, but also greatly improve the interactive experience. It has a very broad application in the fields of finance, e-commerce, education, tourism, government affairs and so on, and will bring great business value to enterprises. As Alibaba cloud's native partner, Huanxin will also fully combine its own advantages and work with Alibaba cloud to focus on the development of scenario applications in various industries

first, the smart mobile office PAAS platform created by huanxintong for global enterprise organizations: it integrates terminal management and control, instant messaging and audio and video calls, and supports text, voice, expression, attachments, pictures, real-time audio and video, user business cards, important terms of frequently visible fixtures in the experimental machine, point-to-point transmission and other message formats; Including enterprise organizational structure, executive mode, multi person meeting, whiteboard assistance, anti garbage, video recording and other special functions; Provide end-to-end solutions for client, server, transmission process and account privacy. At the same time, adopt domestic commercial secret software and hardware products and algorithms to strengthen system security and provide security assurance for the whole life cycle of customers. At present, it has successfully implemented some heavyweight cases such as a state organ and a large insurance industry, making safety, stability and ease of use become labels

second, live chat room + one-stop live broadcast solution: support large chat rooms with no upper limit on the number of people, support the setting of message reliability, and ensure that reliable messages are not lost and must be reached in the case of ultra-high message concurrency. It provides powerful chat room management capabilities to adapt to various live broadcast scenarios. During the epidemic, many small partners are facing the problem of moving their business from offline to online. Huanxin live chat room allows you to complete the development of large chat rooms in 30 minutes. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of many small and medium-sized enterprises that lack the support of professional technical teams, Huanxin also launched a one-stop live broadcast overall solution. Users do not need to seek third-party push-pull streaming services. At the same time, it integrates beauty, voice change and other functions. Choosing Huanxin live broadcast solution can quickly go online in one day to build a business ecosystem such as live broadcast merchandising, live broadcast training and so on

III. video conference: the open source demo of video conference covering Android, IOS, web and PC provides complete video conference, so that the OC quality is G code. It only takes 30 minutes to complete the basic video conference development work. For the needs of transnational communication in the business of many small partners, Huanxin audio and video service adds network relay services to provide quality assurance for transnational video conferences

IV. applet sdk3.0: the applet function is fully aligned with the mobile terminal, and the high message concurrency processing ability is greatly improved, supporting applet multiplayer audio and video. Provide powerful help for all enterprises that move to the battlefield of applet

v. uniapp support: Huanxin has launched an SDK based on uniapp. Through uniapp, you can develop and produce different small programs at one time, such as,, Toutiao, Tiktok, Taobao, Alipay, etc. in the new traffic battlefield, combined with Huanxin's uniapp SDK, you can take the lead and reap the traffic benefits

VI. overseas data centers + overseas service experience: overseas data centers in North America and Southeast Asia are network agent nodes distributed all over the world. As the earliest instant messaging cloud service provider in China, China was the first instant messaging cloud service provider to set up an American branch, and China was the first instant messaging cloud service provider to serve overseas enterprises. After seven years of accumulation in the field of instant messaging, Huanxin IM products have truly achieved stability The titanium dioxide market leader continues to extend and improve the industrial chain, which is safe and reliable. Huanxin has served a large number of overseas star enterprises, including musically. Huanxin's overseas data center and technical service team will escort you in the development of new markets

after becoming Alibaba cloud's native partner, Huanxin will embrace Alibaba cloud's native technology stack more closely. Based on Alibaba cloud's rich cloud native products, highly available infrastructure support capabilities and strong security services, it will continue to deepen cloud native best practices, work with Alibaba cloud to help more enterprises build a safe, easy-to-use, stable and reliable new cloud communication infrastructure, and help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation

about Huanxin:

Huanxin was founded in April, 2013. It is a leading enterprise software service provider in China and won the title of Gartner cool vendor. Its main product lines include instant messaging capability PAAS platform Huanxin instant messaging cloud, full scene audio and video PAAS platform Huanxin real-time audio and video cloud, all media Intelligent Customer Service SaaS platform Huanxin customer service cloud, and enterprise level artificial intelligence service capability platform Huanxin robot. It is an integrated product technology reserve enterprise service company that covers cloud communication, cloud customer service, and intelligent robot earlier in China

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