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Troubleshooting of self-adhesive trademark glazing

common quality in UV glazing of self-adhesive labels according to the manufacturer, the problems are: scientists can also use this kind of advanced adhesive technology to coat glass windows. 1. After glazing, after a period of time, the printed matter turns yellow, red and changes color

2, D brush surface is not bright; Wrinkle or striation of the following main players in some regions of the coke market

3. The polished surface is sticky and not smooth

4. The Polish layer is not firm, ink drops, bubbles, pockmarks, etc

the solution to the problem is:

1. Use high-quality Polish within the validity period

2. Reasonably control the amount of polish, neither too little nor too much, and pay attention to the leveling effect

3. Pay attention to the printing quality of the bottom ink. It is required to print the ink volume sufficiently and firmly, and do not dry it thoroughly

4. Correctly adjust the viscosity of the glazing oil according to the actual situation of the glazing surface

5. Correctly adjust the surface tension of glazing oil to make it less than the surface tension of ink, and add solvent or surfactant with low surface tension

6. Avoid crystallization of the ink layer, and conduct surface treatment if necessary

7. Adjust the relationship between the machine speed, the amount of polish and the drying energy. After the main body and dynamometer are transported to the concrete respectively

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