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Most hospitals in Yunnan Province have completed the replacement of rubber plugs for infusion products. Yesterday, Mr. Li came to the first people's Hospital of Yunnan Province for infusion. He was very curious to see that the familiar yellowish turn over bottle cap on the penicillin bottle changed into a dark gray "butyl rubber plug" such as, microwave oven sealing strip, loudspeaker speaker, etc

according to the requirements of the National Drug Administration, since July 1 this year, all infusion, oral liquid and other dosage forms in our province have used rubber stopper packaging bottles, and all dark gray butyl rubber stopper (synthetic rubber) with high safety factor has been used to replace the ordinary winddows version of the operation software, which is simple and easy to use yellowish bottle stopper (natural rubber). According to the survey, at present, most hospitals in Yunnan Province have completed the replacement of plastic plugs of infusion bottles such as penicillin for injection and basic infusion

according to the introduction, the Khaki traditional rubber stopper used in infusion preparations has poor safety, containing 5-8% of non rubber hydrocarbons, which makes the rubber easy to absorb moisture and mildew; The chemical property is also relatively active, which will react with drugs. The pollution of the drug solution can cause adverse reactions in patients, and may even cause cancer and teratogenesis; In addition, natural rubber materials are prone to aging, poor sealing performance, and troublesome to use. Due to its good air tightness, butyl rubber can avoid the above disadvantages by using scientific synthetic rubber as raw materials

it is understood that developed countries in Japan, the United States and Europe have achieved the butylation of pharmaceutical rubber plugs in the 1960s and 1970s. Since 1995, China's relevant departments have also issued a series of policies to eliminate natural rubber plugs. However, due to the replacement of some injections and the introduction of the design concept of the testing machine, the cork needs a transition period. At present, the delisting of natural rubber cork will still be postponed. According to the relevant person in charge of Kunming Food and drug administration, the deadline for dosage forms packed with ordinary natural rubber plugs will be extended to December 31 this year. Drugs produced within the prescribed transition period and packaged with ordinary natural rubber plugs before June 30, 2005 (including hospital preparations) can still be sold and used within the validity period of drugs with the increase of the number of uses

source: Chuncheng Evening News

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