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HP consulted Bank of America or considered selling WebOS

after Whitman took charge of HP, he overturned most of the decisions of apotheker (former CEO of HP), but some of them remained, including considering selling WebOS system. The industry's assessment of HP's entry into the accounts of the above transactions is about millions of dollars, and points out that the specific sales amount will be much lower than the $1.2 billion HP acquired palm

according to relevant sources, HP has hired Bank of America Merrill Lynch to provide consultation, and is considering whether to sell or retain the WebOS business. Because the patents of WebOS are attractive, some technology companies have shown their interest in acquiring the business through laboratory experiments

it is reported that since apotheker announced in August 2011 that the company would stop operating WebOS terminal products, the future of WebOS has fallen into chaos. It is reported that apotheker's plan is to completely transform HP from a consumer electronics manufacturer into an enterprise software and consulting service provider. Then HP announced a low-cost liquidation, and the touchpad, a tablet computer with WebOS system, triggered a frenzy of buying by users

however, the subsequent decision of apotheker Lee changed after he was dismissed by the board of directors. The new former EBA proposed the criteria for the composition design and microstructure control in the manufacturing process of domestic aluminum alloy with high strength, high toughness and low quenching sensitivity. Y CEO Whitman adjusted the decision made by the former CEO, including apotheker Lee's plan to spin off the personal computer business group, which was also rejected by Whitman

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