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Hong Kong Telecom welcomes the judgment of the court of final appeal on the charge of telecommunications license

Hong Kong Telecom (Stock Code: let the testing machine carry out the tensile, tensile strength, yield strength and elongation of the metal tensile sample at the speed specified in gbt228 standard) [Hong Kong. December 27, 2017] Hong Kong Telecom welcomes the judgment of the court of final appeal of Hong Kong on the charge of the integrated carrier license today. The court of final appeal unanimously agreed that it was wrong for the government to collect tax on licence holders when setting licence fees

A spokesman for Hong Kong Telecom said, "we welcome the unanimous ruling of the court of final appeal. It is obvious that the telecommunications industry has been charged too much fees for a long time, and the experiment is considered invalid. We expect the government to correct this situation to comply with the law and return the excessive fees we were wrongly forced to pay."

Hong Kong Telecom will study the judgment and consider the next action, including civil litigation, to recover the overpaid fees over the years

please browse the judgment of the court of final appeal and the summary of the case

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Hong Kong Telecom (stock exchange of Hong Kong listing Code: 6823) is the leading telecommunications service provider and leading fixed, broadband and mobile communication service operator in Hong Kong. It provides a wide range of services to meet the needs of the people in Hong Kong and the local and international business community, including local, local data and broadband, international telecommunications, mobile communication, as well as customer equipment sales Other telecommunication services such as outsourcing services, consultancy services and customer contact centers

Hong Kong Telecom provides a unique "four in one" experience in Hong Kong, jointly with its parent company PCCW Limited, to transmit media content through Hong Kong Telecom's fixed and broadband Internet and mobile communication platforms

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