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Huawei VTM remote bank helps 90% of participating banks and manufacturers shine financial exhibition

recently, the China International Financial exhibition with the theme of huizhihui, finance and life to improve production efficiency was grandly opened in the Beijing exhibition hall. 90% of VTM participating banks and manufacturers use Huawei VTM (virtual teller machine) remote banking solution multimedia collaboration platform to achieve business experience, making VTM special exhibition area the best stage for this financial exhibition to show innovation and benefit the people

Huawei VTM remote banking solution has been adhering to the overall direction of opening-up and win-win cooperation since it was first released at the China International Finance exhibition in 2011, providing customers and partners with the most secure and reliable VTC (virtual teller Center) platform, enabling the smooth application of queuing routing, video communication, remote sharing, remote bill filling, product promotion and other functions, and providing customers with Omni channel financial services. Through continuous deep cultivation in the VTM field, Huawei has gradually formed a complete end-to-end industrial chain together with partners such as VTM machine tools and financial business software suppliers, and has shown a development trend from single application of VTM machine to omni-channel service application of community bank, home bank and handheld/mobile bank

with the continuous progress of science and technology, finance has changed. At this financial exhibition, VTM remote banking, mobile payment, yinyitong, card swallowing self-service to retrieve children after playing for a few times, there was no freshness, iris recognition, face recognition and other programs closely related to innovative financial technology emerged one after another, showing people the ubiquitous influence of technology on financial life. With the continuous popularity of VTM remote banking in previous years, it has gradually been widely recognized by banks and the public, and has become a highlight of the financial exhibition. People in Mongolian economic circles are generally concerned about the economic cooperation and achievements brought about by President Xi's visit. Great Wall information, Zhaowei, Yihua, digital China, Jiuju technology, Fangtai, kaixinda, Kal, Oki, jiusitada, glory and other VTM machine tool providers, as well as China Construction Bank and Agricultural Bank of China (in no particular order) have all exhibited VTM remote Park, which will strengthen communication with CNPC groups to connect with process bank solutions. Financial business software suppliers such as Huaxin intelligence also demonstrated the mobile virtual remote teller business based on the VTM multimedia collaboration platform. Domestic suppliers and banks that have participated in the field of VTM remote banking are far more than those participating in the financial exhibition. At present, dozens of domestic VTM machine suppliers and financial business software customization manufacturers have formed a complete and mature industrial chain

Huawei's VTM solution on display at the China Construction Bank booth

it is believed that in the near future, VTM remote banking will be widely used in unmanned banking spots in airports, subway entrances, commercial areas, residential areas and other areas, which will provide customers with real 7 * 24-hour manned services

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