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Humen launched the world's first cloth printed newspaper

Humen Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, a famous clothing town in China, issued the world's first "cloth printed newspaper". This will become another authoritative "business card" to show the image of Humen garment industry

this "newspaper" is made of high-quality cloth, in fact, modern printing technology, exquisite and beautiful, and can be preserved for a long time. The first issue of the first "newspaper" issued on the 22nd is positioned as "the 2004 Dongguan City Collection Series", and 100000 copies were distributed in Dongguan

China's Humen has a long history. More than 160 years ago, Lin Zexu's "Humen destructed opium" opened the curtain of China's modern history. Today, Humen Town has become a famous clothing export base and processing base in southern China and a center to display the image of Chinese clothing brands. In order to promote the development of Humen clothing industry towards scale, branding, modernization and internationalization, the relevant research results of "Humen Town investment giant" in Xinjiang also show that the newly funded Humen International fabric trading center has laid a solid foundation for the development of Humen clothing to the world and the promotion of Chinese traditional fabric and silk technology to the world

zhuxuji, chairman of Humen International cloth trading center in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, said that the world's first "cloth newspaper" was grandly launched at the time when the "Guangdong Textile historical and cultural publicity base" was settled in Humen International cloth trading

it is reported that on December 29, the second issue of "publication" will be fully released to the public; In addition, in order to let all sectors of the world share this grand event in the history of development, "bubao" will also be presented to major libraries and museums across the country. The extruded household board is directly provided with patterns

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