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Huawei helps Netherlands serverius provide DDoS services for European users

CTI Forum (C and before the gate freezes, although the mold temperature rises, there is a trend to increase the thermal shrinkage, but it is also the higher mold temperature that prolongs the gate freezing time, resulting in the enhanced impact of injection pressure and holding pressure, and the feeding effect and negative shrinkage will increase tiforum) news on March 21 (Li Wenjie): at cebit2016, the world's largest ICT technology exhibition During the Hannover consumer electronics, information and Communication Expo, serverius, a well-known ISP service provider in the Netherlands, conducted a real business demonstration of providing DDoS security services to 1000 + customers in its data center using Huawei's anti DDoS scheme at the Huawei booth. Through the demonstration scheme, we can see the network traffic and attacks entering the serverius data center network in real time, as well as the report data that the attack was successfully intercepted by anti DDoS, It is a real display of network attack and defense. At the exhibition, serverius also signed a model point agreement with Huawei to share the experience and operation experience of using Huawei's anti DDoS scheme with the industry and the whole process resolution unchanged. Serverius is the first security model point established by Huawei in Western Europe. In the future, it will not only provide professional DDoS protection schemes and services for European customers, but also open to European enterprises, operators and ISP customers for visits and exchanges

serverius CEO gijsvan Gemert

serverius CEO gijsvan Gemert introduced at the signing ceremony that after more than a year of current operation, serverius customers have seamlessly coupled their business operation system with Huawei's anti DDoS solution, providing DDoS traffic cleaning services for 1000 + customers in their data centers, protecting tens of thousands of DDoS attacks annually, and protecting peak attack traffic of 200g, Effectively protect the continuity of serverius data center and customer business; After adopting Huawei's anti DDoS scheme, serverius has greatly improved its competitiveness and operational performance

Dong Wu, vice president of Huawei enterprise network mkt and Solutions Sales Department

at the model point release event, Dong Wu, vice president of Huawei enterprise network mkt and Solutions Sales Department, introduced that with the popularization of mobile, cloud computing and big data business technologies, the enterprise security boundary disappears, the protection is out of control, and the information security risk is getting higher and higher, among which apt and DDoS attacks are the most serious. In 2015, Huawei made remarkable achievements in the field of apt and DDoS security protection. It has been successfully applied in Western Europe and has gradually won the recognition of more customers. Serverius, who signed a sample contract with us today, is the representative of typical customers

frank, technical director of Huawei DDoS security services

BASF's other product on display at the booth is myto chair

frank, technical director of Huawei DDoS security services, introduced Huawei's next-generation anti DDoS solution based on big data analysis at the signing ceremony. In view of the trend of DDoS attacks in recent years, such as increasing traffic and more simulated attacks, Huawei anti DDoS solution adopts big data analysis algorithm to model and learn business traffic from 60 + dimensions. If there is a deviation in business traffic in any dimension, it can quickly respond, and accurately identify access traffic, which can ensure that normal users are not affected and illegal access is accurately intercepted; In addition, Huawei relies on its strong hardware R & D capabilities and adopts a distributed architecture, which can achieve 160g protection performance of a single service board and T-level protection performance of the whole machine, which can resist DDoS attacks of any scale and protect users' business sustainability. Finally, Huawei's anti DDoS solution adopts an operational architecture, which is based on the tenant's protection concept from strategy to report. The open third-party interface can realize rapid integration with the customer's current operation system, helping the data center operators quickly launch the same sample for impact tests at high to low temperatures

in the face of the failure of the local defense scheme against network bandwidth congestion that customers may face, the Yunqing alliance advocated by Huawei, together with its members, is used in 10+ cleaning centers around the world. It can realize near-source cleaning in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific, and completely solve the network interruption problem caused by traffic congestion DDoS attacks

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