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HP "Anjie printing" technology FAQs

this article introduces HP Anjie in detail in view of the new technology recently launched by HP? Frequently asked questions about Printing Technology:

Q: what is HP Anjie? Printing technology

an d unique to HP? Printing technology is a breakthrough and innovative printing technology specially designed for high printing workload. Using HP Anjie? The print head designed by printing technology can span the page, and each print head has more nozzles, which can quickly shape the object with the required shape or suitable tightening force through plastic deformation and accurately spray ink as the paper moves. In other words, only the paper moves and the print head does not move, which can achieve higher printing speed and excellent printing quality

ask: HP Anjie? What is the significance of printing technology

at present, HP Anjie? The new product of printing technology, HP cm8060/cm8050 color digital multifunctional machine, has been the first to enter the commercial document printing market, which fully meets the needs of high printing volume office document printing, and brings you better reliability, low operation cost, sharp text, clear graphics, realistic images and faster printing speed. 3

ask: Anjie? Where will printing technology be applied

due to HP Anjie? Printing technology has a wide range of applications, which can meet the same needs of customers for non real-time display of test curves. Therefore, it will initially be applied to high print volume printing applications, such as high print volume office printing, and then it will be applied to retail photo printing, industrial printing and other fields

Q: when will it be launched

in the spring of 2007, HP plans to use this patented technology to reinterpret the advantages of business printing. The same device can simultaneously combine the advantages of ink-jet and laser two mainstream printing technologies, so as to achieve faster printing speed, better text and graphics printing quality, lower single page cost, world-class reliability of HP, and more HP agility? Advantages of printing technology

ask: HP Anjie? Will the excellent speed and economic applicability of printing technology have an impact on similar laser printing technologies

hp Anjie? Printing technology is an excellent alternative to laser printing. The printing equipment with this technology can provide outstanding performance. The printing speed of some products is as high as 71 pages/minute! HP vivera ink and the large print head with 10560 nozzles can provide you with extraordinary print quality and very accurate ink injection. In addition, these devices can provide superior reliability 1 and bright and lasting documents at a low single page cost. In short, HP Anjie? Printing technology can improve and enhance HP series products, and provide better performance than color LaserJet 9500mfp color digital multifunction machine, so that HP can more easily provide enterprise customers with better quality and relatively low noise services

ask: using HP Anjie? Does the printing equipment of printing technology need higher operating costs

not required. With HP agile? Printing equipment with printing technology can reduce the overall operating cost during color printing. This technology is designed to provide faster printing speed and higher productivity. In addition, HP Anjie? The advanced print head design of printing technology can improve the reliability and printing efficiency of the printer, reduce the maintenance demand of the print head, greatly reduce the maintenance cost, and thus reduce the overall operation cost

summary: 1 in terms of office printing, the results obtained by comparing with department level color laser multifunctional production D. The results are based on independent third-party data, HP (HP) testing and internal evaluation of competitive products. The test methods of different types of products may be different. As of August, 2006

2 the results obtained by comparing with department level color laser multifunctional products in office printing. The operating cost is based on the pricing published by the manufacturer (as of August 2006), including the monthly service unit price, component maintenance and consumables costs (excluding printing paper). HP office printing costs are based on estimated ink prices and initial print volumes

3 the comparison results obtained by comparing with the department level color digital multifunction machine with a value of less than 22000 US dollars. The test methods are different

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