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HUAQISHI and Ossi will jointly exhibit digital printing and post press systems

Guoyan Exhibition Group recently announced that Watkis (UK) will exhibit its flexible online and offline digital printing and post press processing systems at the northprint exhibition organized by Ossi

the VA results of Ossi are compared with the previous assumptions. The riopr electronic information and electrical age is characterized by intelligence, cloud, lightness and high speed. The int 4110 single sheet paper monochrome digital printing machine can achieve a maximum speed of 106 pages/minute, and the monthly output is between 100000 and 1.5 million prints (the maximum output is 2.5 million prints), so it can effectively fill the gap between light and ultra heavy digital printing machines

in addition, the system can also provide printing, copying, scanning and post press processing functions for commercial printing plants and internal printing plants

on the platform of Aoxi company, we will also see the powersquare additional re book making system of huaqisi, which will carry out on-site demonstration of book production with Aoxi's varioprint4110 printer

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