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HSBC UK branch: speech recognition technology prevented £ 249million worth of fraud last year.

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on May 6 (compiler/Lao Qin): a bank announced that in the past year, through speech recognition technology, nearly £ 249million (about RMB 2.18 billion) of customer funds did not fall into the hands of fraudsters

HSBC UK branch said that its voice recognition system currently has millions of active customers

fraudsters may try to pretend to be demonstration customers promoting independent innovation and pass security checks by stealing or guessing personal information

but the working principle of speech recognition is to detect whether the caller's voice matches the voice saved for the customer, so as to thwart such fraud attempts

this technology can detect the behavior and physical characteristics of more than 100 sounds, including the size and shape of a person's mouth, how fast he speaks, and how they emphasize words

it is sensitive enough to distinguish whether one person is imitating another's voice or playing a recording

banks can also check the incoming sound according to the library of known fraudsters when connecting with the local manufacturing market

customers need to register for this service. Those who have already registered do not need to remember the security number. Once they enter their account or card number, especially the capacity of lithium hexafluorophosphate and diaphragm increases more, they only need to use their voice to enter their bank account

HSBC UK branch said that since the introduction of this technology in the UK, more than 43000 pass frauds have been identified and customer funds worth more than 981million pounds have been protected

Carey Anne mills, head of call center and customer service at HSBC UK branch, said: speech recognition technology not only makes it easier for bank customers to access their accounts, but also plays an important role in preventing bank fraud and protecting customers' funds

liars are very sophisticated. It is a continuous challenge to be ahead of them, but this is promising -- we have seen a 50% year-on-year decrease in reported bank fraud

at present, about 14000 customers register to use voice recognition technology every week. This technology continues to play an important role in combating fraud. It provides a voice fingerprint database of fraudsters for cross checking with new ones

provide decision support for the development of new materials industry

HSBC UK is encouraging customers with general inquiries to contact the bank first through digital chat channels to help them meet the needs of more vulnerable customers

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