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Hong Kong media: Chinese scientists have combined artificial intelligence and quantum computing to greatly improve processing speed

reference news on November 22, Hong Kong media said that a recent study by the Chinese quantum research team showed that artificial intelligence will greatly improve processing speed, completely change quantum research, and may eventually pave the way for the development of supercomputers that are 1billion times faster or even 1trillion times faster than existing technology

according to the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong on November 21, according to a new study by Chinese scientists - China has established some of the world's largest quantum research facilities - machine learning technology can significantly reduce the time-consuming task of calculating the strange connection properties between particles in the subatomic quantum world

according to a paper published in the US weekly physical review letters this month, a Chinese research team has now confirmed that machine learning technology can evaluate the connections between particles with unprecedented speed and accuracy

researchers believe that this is important because the different connections between particles make them suitable for different tasks. In addition to quantum entanglement, particles can also be connected through quantum guidance (this contradictory phenomenon is best known as "Schrodinger's cat") or bell nonlocality (the concept says that in some cases, the properties of particles can be changed by measuring them)

most quantum devices - from key distribution networks for ultra secure communications, ultrafast quantum computers to quantum radar systems for stealth aircraft detection - are still extremely unsuitable, because it takes a lot of processing time to establish the nature of the connection between particles

professor lichuanfeng, chief scientist of the research at the University of science and technology of China (USTC), said: "its working principle is like separating minerals." The University of science and technology of China is located in Hefei, Anhui Province

Li Chuanfeng said, "Ai tells us whether an ore contains gold, iron or copper, so we can use them to achieve different purposes. This was impossible before."

so far, quantum researchers have needed to measure a complete set of physical properties to determine the type of connection between particles. This is a difficult and time-consuming work. When the number of particles increases, the workload will multiply

this method will greatly increase the resource supply of quantum information processing

for decades, researchers at China University of science and technology have been conducting quantum experiments and accumulated a large amount of data. Li Chuanfeng's team has established a data set containing more than 400 pairs of particles carefully selected through different types of connections, including quantum entanglement, quantum guidance and bell nonlocality

then, scientists can set the output results of the experimental results arbitrarily: force value and elongation use these data sets, and train the computer with deep learning algorithm to measure the physical properties of particles. Artificial intelligence can now achieve an accuracy of more than 90%, and the time required has been greatly shortened. In the past, the calculation that took an hour can be completed in less than a second

the machine does not need all the information about each particle in each steel structure building, which is a "steel storage warehouse". According to the research report, researchers only need to input the details of the two physical properties into the machine, and the machine can fill the gap and make a correct estimate of the results

Li Chuanfeng said, "this method will greatly increase the resource supply of quantum information processing."

Chongqing research on green intelligent technology Longyan city will build one of the six rare earth functional material bases in the development space of China's plastic machinery dispensing structure improvement extruder industry nbsp; Renchangliang, an associate researcher of the Academy of rare earth industry and one of the authors of the paper, said that this breakthrough does not mean that AI has a better grasp of quantum physics than human brain

he said, "we label data, teach machines, and correct them. AI follows human guidance. It is not smarter than us."

the report points out that another obvious advantage of artificial intelligence over traditional methods is that it can deal with multidimensional problems more effectively - and quantum physics has many dimensions

Ren Changliang said, "there seems to be a good match between the two worlds."

according to researchers, this is not the end of their research. The team now plans to continue to train the machine with a larger data set, and is also developing a new artificial intelligence technology specifically for quantum computers. It is predicted that the computing speed of quantum computers is 1 trillion times that of the most powerful supercomputer at present

some researchers say that the combination of artificial intelligence and quantum computing may eventually lead to machines with intelligence level equal to or even higher than human intelligence level. (compilation/Hu Zhen)

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