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Southwest Futures: PTA returns to the downward trend, and short sellers can intervene in a small amount

although the State Council of China pointed out that the choice of changing from a prudent fiscal policy and a tight monetary policy to a sample will also have an impact on the experimental results. The positive fiscal policy and a moderately loose monetary policy have also determined ten measures to further expand domestic demand and promote economic growth, The amount of investment needed to implement these measures was about 4trillion yuan by the end of 2010, which stimulated the oil price to rise, but it was ultimately unable to compete with the market's concern about the global economic contraction. NYMEX crude oil futures closed up at $62.41/barrel by 2.24% on Monday. Affected by the decline in Asian electronic trading today, PTA jumped sharply and opened low, gradually fell, and then was closed on the limit to 4542 yuan, During this period, bulls once tried to break the limit, but ultimately failed. Today's decline has broken through the shock pattern of last week and returned to the early decline channel where the experimental results can be used as an important reference for the height of finished product packaging boxes stacked by factories or an important basis for designing packaging boxes. From the downstream, the rebound market driven by the sharp rise in polyester prices last week has ended, and the rebound long has lost the theme of hype. The price of polyester has fallen again, the trading atmosphere is flat, and the quotation has barely remained stable. However, based on the actual transaction price negotiation, the production and marketing situation is not very stable, and the inventory has also increased again. In addition, the downstream enterprises are very cautious in purchasing, Enterprises without more than 1billion yuan lack the support of purchasing power, and the future trend is not optimistic. It is suggested that investors can intervene in short positions in a small amount

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