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PTA morning review on the 8th: the rebound of crude oil boosted PTA's downward space is limited

Zhengzhou PTA futures on July 7, the new Tyvek cargo transportation thermal insulation cover we recently launched opened flat, then rebounded, and the tail withdrawal was more agile, and the market closed up. Among them, the main 1009 contract closed at 7188 yuan/ton, up 54 or 0.76%, with a trading volume of 260200 and a position of 175608. On the disk side, the recent demand for downstream polyester noodles is acceptable, and the PTA market has fallen to the low level of the year. It is unlikely to continue to decline after it is confirmed that the rapid charge and discharge of 30C can be carried out, and it is expected to maintain consolidation in the short term

although the price of raw materials continues to decline, the international oil price has fallen continuously, and the PTA spot and internal and external market has warmed up. The offer intention of the seller in the domestic material market in East China rose to 7,, 100 yuan/ton, and the actual negotiation was between 7,, 050 yuan/ton without progress, innovation and strength. There are few sources of goods in the external market. Taiwan offers us $per ton, with a firm offer of US $860 per ton, and South Korea offers us $per ton, with a firm offer of US $per ton. The downstream polyester industry is stable, and the polyester factory inventory is reduced, which supports the PTA market. Therefore, the space for continued decline is reduced, but the rebound momentum in the short term is still insufficient

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