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Huawen Futures: PTA negative pressure on the top and difficult to turn the market

overview of outer disk crude oil:

under the background that investors continue to be worried about the global economic recession and crude oil demand, crude oil continued its previous decline on November 20 and appeared four consecutive overcast, and the small intraday rebound also ended fruitlessly under the pressure of the 5-day moving average, suggesting that bull confidence is still weak. The recent decline has gradually narrowed, indicating that bulls are also accumulating strength and may be ready to take off

The daily K-line chart shows that NYMEX * December crude oil futures closed at a small negative line with an upper and lower shadow today. In Asia, due to the lack of information guidance, oil prices basically consolidated the decline in New York overnight in a narrow range; During the European period, oil prices once fell slightly under the pressure of the rising dollar, and rose rapidly in the late trading driven by the sharp decline * of the dollar, but the increase was limited by the 5-day moving average; During the New York session, oil prices fluctuated sharply. At the beginning of the session, the crude oil inventory * announced by the United States last week increased unexpectedly, and the oil price was under pressure to offset the gains in the European market. Then, driven by bargain hunting, it recovered its lost ground, and at the end of the session, it fell again under the pressure of the sharp rise of the dollar

oil prices peaked at $55.34 per barrel and fell to $53.30 per barrel, down $0.77, or 1.42%, to $53.62 per barrel

The computer servo tensile (compressive) force experimental machine provides two groups of capacity test space

PTA overview of the inner plate:

the success of low iron and aluminum production in the experimental work area of 3 and 6 has built confidence for other work areas. On Wednesday, November 18, PTA futures oscillated and leveled all day driven by the record low crude oil. Due to the relatively low price in history and the upside down of the current price, there are not many active selling. The main contract 0901 finally closed at 4622 yuan, up 1.23%, with 378428 transactions and 90636 positions, all of which were reduced from the previous trading day

trading strategy reference:

at present, the trend of PTA spot is still relatively weak, and the futures price is an oversold rebound, which does not have the basis for continuous rise. It is recommended to focus on intraday operation and do not leave overnight single LCD numerical control to set the required parameters

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