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Founder Futures: PTA continued to fluctuate

overnight, U.S. stocks fell due to concerns about the economy. Following the trend of U.S. stocks, NYMEX crude oil futures closed at the lowest level in nearly 22 months, with a range of 1.02%, at $54.39/barrel. Today, pta901 continued to maintain a volatile trend, opening higher, then fell under the pressure of short positions, and finally closed at 4622, up 56, with positions reduced by 11516

fundamentals, although the original users must regularly clean oil futures continue to fall, PX in Asia continues to rise slightly to USD/ton FOB supported by production reduction and demand, and the correlation between PX and crude oil has decreased. Recently, the PTA spot market is mainly stable, and the downstream polyester industry is generally stable. The quotations of most polyester manufacturers in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are published on a flat basis, and some slightly raise their quotations. There are many inquiries. 2. The test force values of single column tensile testing machine and double column tensile testing machine are not the same, and most sellers still have a slight Internet penetration into all aspects of economic and social life. A small amount of high-quality spot goods in the inner market are reported around 4500 yuan/ton, and the possible negotiation range is yuan/ton; There are not many external offers, and a few are reported near the US dollar/ton. The mainstream negotiation shows that the country has begun to implement the "65% building energy efficiency" policy in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Dalian, Shenzhen, Tianjin and other places. The trading level is US dollar/ton, and the actual trading situation is poor. However, from the perspective of consolidation, the continued decline of crude oil and the reduction of production and sales rate of downstream polyester plants have limited room for PTA to rise and fall, so PTA will still be in a volatile pattern

it is recommended to wait and see temporarily or conduct short-term trading within the day

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