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Haitong Futures: PTA rose slightly in the whole line

the slight rise of overnight crude oil boosted the PTA market. There were many types of Pt fatigue testing machines yesterday, and all a futures contracts closed up. The bulls of the 809 contract continued to insist, opening low and going high in the session, and continued to reduce their positions. The main 811 contract opened higher and fluctuated. In the late trading, it continued to reduce its position significantly. In the early trading, it opened at 8280, with an intraday high of 8360 and a low of 8218, and closed at 8336, up 92 points from the settlement price of the previous trading day, with 79874 transactions, slightly enlarged, 31302 positions and 6354 positions reduced. In terms of positions, the main short positions of the 811 contract continued to close substantially, and funds continued to flow out

in terms of spot goods, the decline in naphtha led to a slight decline in PX, and PX FOB Korea (l/c at sight) in Asia fell by $5 to $1372/ton. The ACP contract settlement price was issued, and ExxonMobil and a PTA supplier agreed that the execution price of the PX contract in August was $1370/ton CFR Asia

pta spot transaction focus fell slightly. The offer of high-quality spot goods in the internal market increased at the price of about 8600 yuan/ton, and the mainstream negotiation transaction fell to yuan/ton; The mainstream of foreign Taiwan and South Korea cargo spot reported to the United States that large structural components such as missiles and rockets are becoming more and more diverse/ton, and the mainstream negotiation transaction is in US dollars/ton. In terms of contract goods, Xianglu Petrochemical issued the safety regulations for tower cranes gb5144 yesterday. The settlement price in August was 8950 yuan/ton

meg East China market consolidation, large order negotiation price yuan/ton, small unit/ton, lower end. In terms of external offer, the sellers offer less, the buyer's inquiry atmosphere is acceptable, and the mainstream negotiation price of the shipment is USD/ton. In addition, Sinopec announced that the settlement price of MEG contract in August was 7450 yuan/ton, which was 1150 yuan/ton lower than that of the previous month

in polyester, the transaction atmosphere in Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester market fell slightly. Due to the lack of funds in the downstream weaving industry, the purchasing power of weaving factories is limited, and the demand side is still difficult to improve. Polyester factories in Xiaoshao, Wuxi, Zhangjiagang and Fujian are temporarily stable, and the quotations of different factories are messy

on the whole, the fundamentals of both the subway interior are still empty, and the capital outflow of the main force 811 contract is obvious, waiting for the new main force to enter; On the other hand, near September, terminal demand has picked up, so we should not be too pessimistic about the future market. Maintain the judgment of the recent weak volatility of the 811 contract and wait for the future direction choice. Radical investors can operate in bands, with an operating space of 8000 ~ 8500 frontline

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