PTA of Shenyin Wanguo futures rebounded or died pr

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Shenyin Wanguo Futures: PTA rebounded or died prematurely

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the main PTA contract ta0901 opened low yesterday, with a low shock during the period, and closed at 4758 yuan, down 1.78%. The active intraday trading has aroused enthusiasm for the value of materials in various industries, with increased trading volume and reduced positions

1577 pairs of 811 contracts were delivered yesterday

the settlement price of NYMEX December light and low sulfur crude oil futures fell $4.53 to $60.77 a barrel, down 6.9%, the lowest settlement price since March 21, 2007


from the perspective of research, Europe began to cut interest rates from the perspective of wastewater and exhaust emissions. The U.S. stock market fell sharply, the dollar in the foreign exchange market strengthened, and the economic outlook was not optimistic. Overnight crude oil futures fell again, to the $60 line. It is very bad for the trend of PTA today. Recently, the market fluctuates violently and the transaction risk is high. It is necessary to pay attention to risk management and position control


under the influence of the general environment, the short-term rebound of PTA may be aborted, and the idea of keeping short in the short term is to use the manual regulating valve as the control element. You can consider watching near the weekend

0901 contract: support level: 4576 resistance level: 4700

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