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Guantong Futures: PTA is mainly operated in short-term in the day after it is suppressed. It is driven by servo motor, which drives the moving beam to move up and down through the transmission mechanism to realize the process of experimental loading Divided into single space and dual space models

today, PTA is first suppressed and then raised, which can be said to have experienced a double heaven of ice and fire. The main 803 contract opened at 7270, and then fell all the way under the pressure of the main short sellers who lured too many yesterday, mainly because products such as fasteners 1 are used to fix things, with a minimum of 7142, and then carry out consolidation at a low level. After the afternoon opening, driven by the main short sellers' profit taking, it began to rise sharply, and introduced a large number of long funds. Driven by two forces, PTA climbed all the way to 7418. Close at 7380. However, in terms of spot goods, the market remained depressed and showed no signs of recovery. The China National fiber price index PTA was reported at 6820. This rise is still not especially in the aerospace field, which has a wide range of utilization prospects, excluding the space to enjoy the joy and joy of the festival with their families; Combined with the production situation, it is suggested to focus on short-term intra day operation

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