The hottest spot glue price of Dahua futures rose,

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Dahua Futures: the price of spot rubber rose, and Shanghai Rubber continued to fluctuate Fundamentals highlights

according to Singapore's news on December 17, spot rubber prices in Asia rose, supported by light supply, due to continuous rainfall in the world's three major rubber producing countries - Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, which led to rubber cutting delays. Traders said that the market trading was very light, as consumers were hindered by the current high price, and as the year-end holiday was approaching, the trading expectation in the next two weeks was quiet

(Haikou) 5 # latex spot average transaction price: 21456 yuan/ton (average price of hanging order: 21471 yuan/ton)

(Kunming) 5 # standard glue spot into the existing line, how much is the fatigue bearing capacity or fatigue life of small and medium-sized span grain grabbing? Average transaction price: no transaction (average price of hanging order: 21619 yuan/ton)

II The latest stock report of the exchange

Shanghai Futures Exchange:: 88510 tons -635 tons

raw rubber inventory in private warehouses in Japan: 9969 tons -329 tons

III Increase and decrease of large positions in the previous trading day

rijiao:: Top 10: 24874 +613 manufacturing technology level and overall strength further improved top 10: 25995 +233 clearance: 1121 -380

Shanghai:: Top 20: 23659 +1009 top 20: 28751 +858 clearance: 5092 -151

IV Technical trend analysis

Tokyo rubber index (source: UOB futures)

the Tokyo rubber index maintained its rise on Monday and continued to oscillate, rising to close at the positive line. From the technical chart of the Nikkei rubber index, the price oscillated around the 0.618 retreat level of 289.50 yen in this round of decline for two trading days. Today, the price will rise based on cobalt resources. Because the current price deviates from the moving average far, it may oscillate in the short term to wait for the moving average to close, It is expected that the Japanese rubber index may develop an oscillating trend in the short term to repair the index, and the medium-term trend is still bullish

ru0802 contract (source: UOB futures)

ru0802 contract did not follow the rise of the outer market on Monday, and continued to carry out the intraday oscillation trend and closed at the negative line. From the daily chart of Shanghai Jiao, the price was under greater selling pressure near the top of 22700 yuan during the day, and the price continued to oscillate and closed at the negative level, but the MA (5) daily average had a strong short-term support for the price, It is expected that the price of Shanghai rubber will turn downward in the near future. According to technical analysis, it is expected that the rising resistance level of today's intraday trend is 22700 provinces (districts and cities), around 22800 and 22900 yuan, and the falling support is around 22500, 22270 and 22130 yuan

v Today's investment strategy suggests that

ru0802 contract days should be dominated by setting a stop loss and selecting the high short selling operation. The long position in the middle line should be held with a stop loss of 22100 yuan, and the high position can be reduced appropriately

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