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Digital design of packaging

I. Introduction

the diversity of product shape and characteristics determines the ever-changing shape and structure of product packaging. Its design is completed in the continuous adjustment and change between two-dimensional and three-dimensional, so the formation of packaging is quite complex. At the same time, when the second dimension is transformed into the third dimension, the formed three-dimensional shape is often unexpected due to the changes of expansion and fixed viewpoint. In this era of rapid development of science and technology and increasingly fierce market competition, how to adapt packaging design to the development of the times and achieve design goals quickly, accurately and economically; How to find a reasonable, effective and fast method and technology to meet the development of the times and the development of packaging itself has become particularly important

II. Digital design of product packaging

with the support of digital technology, the general procedure of product packaging design can be represented by the following figure. At the beginning, its basic method is no different from traditional design, but digital technology is introduced in the design process to assist in the design and production of visual communication, morphological structure and overall effect of packaging, And automatically convert the graphic design draft into a three-dimensional visual three-dimensional model in the computer. This three-dimensional visual model is basically the same as the packaging samples we folded in the past. The difference is that one is a real sample, and the other is a three-dimensional solid model of virtual space. However, their functions are exactly the same, that is, whether the visual effect of the graphic design draft meets the initial requirements of the design after being converted into three-dimensional, Provide designers and customers with information on whether they need further processing and modification. The whole design process is completed in the computer without any other tools and materials. The process is simple, convenient, economical and effective

1. Graphic design

overall graphic design is the process of overall layout and design of the contents involved in the packaging interface in the graphic design software, which involves text design, graphic design, color design, graphic layout, etc. At present, the most commonly used software in this area is CorelDRAW, freehand, Adobe Illustrator, etc. the common characteristics of this kind of software are convenient operation and powerful function; Strong ability in graphic generation, text design and graphic arrangement; And the accuracy of the generated graphics file is not affected by the zoom size when it is output. We can choose any software to arrange the graphic design of product packaging. It is worth noting that the default file format of this kind of software is vector graphics format, which cannot be used by the later 3D software, and its storage format must be processed to facilitate the later operation. Different software has different processing methods. For example, CorelDRAW uses the "export" option to export graphics vector format into bitmap format; Freehand uses "file/export" to convert graphics file vector format to bitmap format, etc

2. Plane graphic processing

the plane design draft of product packaging completed in the plane design software is an overall plane graphic. This form of graphic file cannot be directly used for the generation of 3D visualization later, and it needs further processing and modification

photoshop is currently the most widely used plane graphics processing software in PCs and Macs. Its function is very powerful, and it can arbitrarily copy, cut, delete, collage, synthesize and various wonderful artistic processing of images. Now Photoshop is an important guarantee for high-quality color desktop printing system, preprint, multimedia, animation production, digital photography and coloring. Here we will use it to segment the designed packaging plane graphics. The division principle is the form and structure of each structural plane in the product packaging structure design. Each structural plane of aluminum used in new energy vehicle parts mainly includes body, wheel hub, chassis, crash beam, floor, power battery and seat, etc. it must be divided into an independent figure, and named according to the characteristics of the structural plane to prevent confusion

on the other hand, in graphic design, the shipbuilding industry often needs to use photos or pictures. At present, the acquisition of these materials mainly uses the shooting of digital cameras and the scanning of scanners. After they are obtained by computer, they are often not used directly, and they must be processed; In addition, after the basic completion of 3D visualization graphics, some processing is often required to obtain beautiful renderings, which only Photoshop software can be competent. Therefore, Photoshop is an indispensable application software in the digital design of product packaging

3. Real time realization of three-dimensional visualization

three-dimensional visualization technology is to use the three-dimensional graphics software in the computer and then reach the intention of controlling the movement of the beam to establish a completely virtual three-dimensional space on the computer screen. In this virtual space, designers can directly carry out various types of three-dimensional design in three-dimensional way, such as interior design, product design, sculpture design, three-dimensional animation design and so on. Two dimensional CAD system can only help designers reduce the workload of manual design and drawing, while three-dimensional visualization technology can not only reflect people's rich creative results; It can better grasp the random and accidental results produced in the process of form creation, which are particularly valuable for designers. It can inspire people in design and creation. 3D visualization technology can also be very simple to complete real-time visualization and modification, which is particularly convenient to operate, and can most directly reflect the designer's creative intention

packaging itself is a spatial three-dimensional structure, and using three-dimensional visualization technology to assist design is the best choice. At present, there are many 3D software on the market, but the most frequently used is 3D Studio MAX software. This software has many advantages. Firstly, it has strong modeling function, including basic modeling and advanced modeling, which can provide technical support for the digital generation of product packaging structure design. Secondly, it has super material function. Users can establish their own materials according to their needs. This is that the product packaging can be aligned with a square level with a precision of 0.05/1000; The preliminary alignment of the main body can visually generate rare application technical support at two different positions in the vertical and horizontal directions of the two columns. We can make the segmented file of the graphic design into the corresponding three-dimensional mapping materials. After the structural modeling is completed, the mapping materials are assigned to the corresponding structural planes according to the structural planes. After rendering, we can get the three-dimensional visual virtual model of the product packaging. Of course, after the material is specified, it is necessary to adjust some parameters. This is because when 3D Studio MAX software generates spatial structural faces, the "face" is divided into positive and negative, and is controlled by the normal direction of the "face"; On the other hand, each structural surface has its own three-dimensional coordinate system, and the three-dimensional coordinates of the material must be consistent with the coordinates of the "surface". If you do not make corresponding parameter adjustments, some structural surfaces will not see the mapping effect during rendering. Third, 3D Studio MAX software has good animation function. If necessary, the scene of product packaging design can be animated to dynamically display its three-dimensional effect

the general steps of 3D visual generation of digital design of product packaging are as follows: first, use 3D Studio MAX software to design and model the packaging structure; Then, the segmented graphic files of graphic design graphics are made of mapping materials of 3D Studio MAX; Third, use the secondary object mapping command to assign the mapping materials of each structural surface to the corresponding structural surface, and adjust the parameters to make its visual effect consistent with its design concept; Fourth, adjust the output angle of the rendering and render the output. Finally, evaluate the output effect. If you are not satisfied, return to modify

III. conclusion

compared with traditional manual design, digital design of product packaging has many outstanding advantages, which are specifically reflected in:

* design creative space is more flexible and open

* the materials and equipment used in the design are more simplified

* design changes and modifications simple express series design generation is more convenient

* design expression is simpler and performance quality is higher; The generation of drawings is simpler and more accurate

* the design is easy to file; Information transmission is faster

* higher design efficiency

In a sense, the essence of design is a process of repeated revision and continuous improvement. Digital technology undoubtedly provides the most effective technology and method for the design to achieve the goal quickly, conveniently and accurately, and also enables enterprises to occupy a favorable position in the competition. At the same time, it also frees designers from complicated manual labor, reduces the intensity of designers' design work, and provides the most advanced technology for design to adapt to the development of the times

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