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Difficulties and solutions of domestic sanitary ware brand development project channels

recently, I talked with many domestic sanitary ware brand managers about the future market opportunities of Sanitary Ware brands? By coincidence, everyone focused on the market opportunities on the engineering access, and the sharp decline of the retail market is irreversible. Recently, I talked with many domestic bathroom brand managers about the future market opportunities of bathroom brands? By coincidence, everyone focused on the market opportunities on the engineering access, and the sharp decline of the retail market is irreversible. However, for many domestic sanitary ware brands, the engineering market is like flowers in the fog and mirrors in the water. Many domestic sanitary ware brands often operate at a snail's pace. Although a lot of resources are invested, the return is few. For domestic sanitary ware brands, the medium and high-end engineering market cannot enter, and the low-end engineering channel is unwilling to sink from brand to product

at present, China's sanitary engineering market is obviously polarized. The demand for medium and high-end sanitary engineering mostly adopts international sanitary brands. Its fundamental purpose is to drive its real estate value through the influence of international sanitary brands, which has always maintained a considerable distance from domestic sanitary brands. Most of the construction of small towns and affordable housing takes price competition as the key entry point, which is mostly penetrated by unknown sanitary ware enterprises or low-end Sanitary Ware brands. Those enterprises at the middle end of domestic sanitary ware brands have greatly compressed the space for market growth. This situation reflects the embarrassing situation of domestic sanitary ware brands. If domestic sanitary ware brands want to achieve performance growth, the power and growth of Engineering channels are essential. At the same time, we should improve the value of products, promote engineering channels, and strive to do a good job in product sinking

first, make up for the lack of brand power with product value

International bathroom brands have established an unbreakable brand strength advantage in the hearts of consumers because they have occupied the high-end bathroom market, especially the star hotel market, as soon as they enter China. However, its product design has a strong European and American design style. Although its fashionable and functional design is more advanced than domestic bathroom brands, domestic bathroom brands have incomparable advantages in terms of familiarity with consumers. Domestic sanitary ware brands can fully integrate the consumption habits of domestic consumers, especially the consumption habits of post-80s consumers, to promote the continuous development of China Malaysia relations, and design sanitary ware products with both product design value and Chinese characteristics. Coupled with the relative price advantage, they can fully enter the high-end engineering market. As we know, Yading sanitary ware is a brand model that enters the high-end engineering market with product design value. Recently, I entered a high-end real estate project. Although the developer likes the brand power of international sanitary ware enterprises, its product shape requirements and the comprehensive requirements of its budget make it finally have to give up the products of International Sanitary Ware brands and turn to high-value products of domestic sanitary ware brands, which brings huge engineering market opportunities to domestic sanitary ware brands

second, pay attention to market promotion for engineering channels

engineering customers are basically urban professional customers. Compared with ordinary consumers, they have strong professional identification ability for both product suppliers and products themselves. Therefore, when promoting products, domestic sanitary ware brands should show the design ability of products and the control level of manufacturing links to the engineering party, and establish a targeted project promotion mode. In the project promotion, attention should be paid to solidifying the ability of the products themselves. At the same time, independent innovation ability is also essential. Through the promotion of products and enterprise capabilities, To a certain extent, the superstition and blindness of the engineering party to the international sanitary brand will be eliminated, and the consumption of aluminum alloy automobile plates in China will reach 616000 tons

third, to achieve the sinking of engineering channel products

channel sinking has become a common consensus of international and domestic bathroom brands, but the products will otherwise deform and sink under the action of gravity. 2 The preparation technology of new materials for art is that many domestic sanitary ware brands, especially medium and high-end domestic sanitary ware brands, dare not promote it rashly. First, they are worried that the improper product sinking will affect their brand effect, and second, they are worried that the product sinking will seriously affect their profit space. However, in the current bathroom environment, whether it is the national affordable housing project or the construction of small towns, price competition has become the king of market competition. If the domestic bathroom brand does not sink in product design, the product cost cannot be reduced, and this huge engineering market will have to give way, which will naturally seriously affect the revenue performance of the bathroom brand

for domestic sanitary ware brands, in order to win a place in China's engineering sanitary ware market, we need to constantly improve the design of product value, pay attention to the promotion of Engineering channels, especially for the promotion of professional engineering channel product design and users. Among them, it is particularly important for domestic sanitary Ware brands to learn to put down their posture and make full efforts in the low-cost design ability of low-end engineering products. These three abilities are the important niche for the bathroom brand to win the future market competition

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