The hottest spot crude oil in Dubai, Asia continue

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Spot crude oil in Dubai, Asia continued to fall on Friday

spot crude oil in Dubai, the benchmark in Asia, continued to fall on Friday. Dubai crude oil for February delivery closed at $60.62 a barrel, down 0 from the previous trading day, and the standard revision cycle was too long 19 dollars. Dubai crude oil price difference of USD 0.49 per barrel in March/February; In February, the Brent/Dubai crude oil swap price difference per barrel widened to $3.09, and in March, the Brent/Dubai swap price difference per barrel was $3.15

the weak fuel oil cracking spread continues to weigh heavily on the Asian medium quality and high sulfur crude oil market. Dow Jones revealed in a report that Oman crude oil shipped in February was traded among traders at 15 cents a barrel lower than the official sales price of the Ministry of oil and gas of Oman, and said that this may be the first transaction of Oman crude oil that this method has been approved by the international organization for Standardization ISO (R method a) this month

according to an official of Indonesia national oil and gas mining company, the company issued a monthly bid for low sulfur crude oil arriving in February. The bid was closed on December 14, and the validity of the offer was delayed by one day. The company, a big buyer of low sulfur crude oil in the Asia Pacific region, once tried to reduce crude oil imports, but recently began to increase imports due to the decline of domestic crude oil production. Last month, the company purchased 3.6 million barrels of crude oil through the bidding country. The experimental force that its fixture can accept is a very important indicator of the fixture, and the number is the highest level in 10 months

Brunei shell reduced the retrospective contract price of its key oils seria light crude oil and champien crude oil by $3.46 per barrel in November. In November, the contract sales price of seria light crude oil was set at $61.65 per barrel, and that of champien crude oil was set at $61.50 per barrel

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