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Pioneer Futures: spot prices stabilized, LLDPE futures prices faced callback pressure


London prices continued to remain high. The quotation of domestic petrochemical enterprises generally stabilized, and the average ex factory price rose to yuan. Affected by this, the market transaction price rose to yuan, and the forward warehouse receipt price also rose to yuan. As the current round of market rise is mainly due to the initiative of domestic manufacturers to raise factory prices, there is limited room for decline. In addition, the crude oil remains high, and the factory price of the screw is difficult to fall sharply, which limits the market callback

it has greatly solved the problem of raw material "neck sticking". Technically, the intraday futures prices are low, open high, and short-term funds leave the market. The short-term average has been suppressed to a certain extent. The use method of the material tensile testing machine and the problems and maintenance required in the use process. The large volume of transactions near 900 and the reduction of positions show that long funds continue to push up, lack of confidence and frequent turnover. The overbought index began to correct. According to the expected experience, the futures price may be corrected, and the bottom of the correction is likely to be in yuan

in terms of operation, multi order departure, adjustment stage, wait and see

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