Digital breakthrough in the intercom low price war

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Building intercom: the "digital" breakthrough in the "low price" war

building intercom is not a strange term for everyone. In a short period of more than 10 years, it has grown from nothing, from small to large, and the parabola of industry development has always been on the rise. It is known as the sunrise industry of intelligent building industry. However, in recent years, the non-standard competition in the building intercom market and the "price war" of enterprises have appeared frequently, which has seriously restricted the sustainable development of the industry. How can building intercom enterprises get rid of low-level price competition and find a new way to break through

sunrise industry continues to heat up

time goes back to the early 1990s, the domestic building intercom industry is in its infancy. Smart enterprises such as Shidean and anjubao in the Pearl River Delta have found potential business opportunities in the building intercom market and began to launch simple black and white intercom products. This kind of product with visitor communication function has been popular with consumers as soon as it is launched, and it has been rapidly promoted in the market. This kind of black-and-white building intercom product also helped enterprises seize the initiative and dig the first bucket of gold in the building intercom industry. In the following period of time, the continuous warming of China's real estate market and the continuous development of building intercom technology made the market of unit building intercom and connected visual intercom show a strong growth momentum, and a new round of connected intercom fever was set off in the society. The rising market demand has given birth to building intercom enterprises such as Zhuhai Taichuan and Zhuhai jinframe, and the whole market presents a prosperous scene

although the industry has gained a good momentum of development, industry insiders said that the rapid growth trend in the building intercom market in the 1990s is only a prelude to the rapid development of the industry, and large-scale application is still in the 21st century

in the first five years of the 21st century, China's real estate market was extremely hot. The building intercom industry took advantage of the rapid development of the real estate industry, and the market demand showed a "blowout" growth. In the past five years, the average growth rate of domestic building intercom sales has reached 30%. In this market context, Haier, TCL, Gulf and other large enterprises have adjusted their business strategies to participate in this industry with low technological threshold and strong market demand. The Pearl River Delta, Fujian and other regions have successively formed industrial clusters. Statistics show that at present, the market share of building intercom enterprises in Shenzhen has reached 35%, that of other regions in the Pearl River delta accounts for about 25%, and that of Fujian accounts for about 20%. The highly centralized building intercom industry cluster makes the competition in the whole industry more intense, and also makes these places become a "arena" for many manufacturers

the industry cannot escape the shadow of "low price"

in order to get more share in the fierce competition, many enterprises engaged in the production and sales of building intercom products expand their market share through low prices. Many insiders are not satisfied with this practice. The person in charge of an enterprise engaged in the production and sales of building intercom products in Foshan said that compared with the fields of building automation and smart home in intelligent buildings, the technical threshold of building intercom is relatively low, and many enterprises are willing to participate in it. Foshan, Guangdong Province alone has more than 40 enterprises specializing in the production and sales of building intercom products, many of which have been operating for more than 5 years, but their benefits are not ideal. Even if they catch up with the "blowout" growth period, it is difficult for these enterprises to obtain more market profits from the market. The main reason is that many enterprises do not have independent core technologies and corresponding R & D capabilities. They only imitate popular products in the market and win the favor of consumers at low prices. In addition to the third design forum of the "science and technology platform" and "design x innovation" activities, this practice disrupted the original market order to a certain extent, made it difficult to maintain the normal profits of the industry, put the whole industry in a low-level competitive stage, and restricted the healthy development of the building intercom industry

in fact, there are many people with the same view in the industry. Zhang Feng, a senior person, believes that if an industry wants to develop healthily, it must rely on advanced technology to guide market consumption; On the other hand, after the increase of market consumption, it will promote enterprises to expand production and make enterprises grow. At present, although the low price behavior among building intercom manufacturers in China can improve the overall sales volume of manufacturers in a short time, it will reduce the reasonable profits of other innovative enterprises and reduce the enthusiasm of market participation. Over time, the technical strength of the building intercom industry has remained at the same level. 7. The compression curve, force value and automatically converted MPa value of each test block will be reflected in the table. Technological innovation cannot be achieved, new market consumption cannot be guided, and the market profit space will be smaller and smaller

digitalization has become a new economic growth point

the negative impact of low price competition has attracted the attention of many enterprises. Many building intercom enterprises in the Pearl River Delta have linked digital, network and building intercom, triggering a revolution in digital and tcp/ip connectivity. This digital building intercom technology was still a concept before 2007. By 2008, tcp/ip building intercom technology was becoming more and more mature and began to be put on the market. Its efficient and convenient computer-controlled characteristics of all experimental processes made digital and tcp/ip technology quickly recognized by the market, thus opening the prelude to the substantive application of semi digital intercom products and all digital intercom products

xuzhaoshu, deputy general manager of Shenzhen lingnaite Technology Co., Ltd., revealed: "Since the second half of 2008, the prices of core chips and LCDs have fallen, and the cost of digital intercom has gradually fallen to the range that real estate developers can afford. Since April 2009, domestic real estate prices have risen steadily, and real estate developers urgently need to increase selling points for real estate, while the proportion of funds in real estate accounted for by the intercom system is relatively low. Calculated by 3000 yuan per capita and 100 square meters per household, 1 square meter The price of the intercom equipment is only 30 yuan, and the benefits brought by the full digital system to the real estate enterprises far exceed its cost. " In addition, after the full digital application of benchmark buildings, it will serve as a wind vane for the market promotion of digital intercom products, making more and more buildings move towards the direction of digitalization. During this period, the prices of core chips, LCD and other components in building intercom products will be reduced, and the prices of corresponding digital intercom products will also have a downward trend. However, insiders pointed out that while digital technology brings convenience to us, the cost of digital intercom products in the market I. using power supply: ∮ 220V 50Hz is relatively high. "Digital intercom needs to form a new industrial chain to reduce prices, develop high-end operation concepts, and make the application of digital products more diversified and practical. If new products want to be recognized by the market, they still need to go through a long period of market testing." Zhengguanhua, manager of marketing department of Shenzhen TCL high tech Development Co., Ltd., believes that. It can be seen that the popularization of digital building intercom technology in the society still needs to go a long way

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