How to save money in decoration

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In the process of home decoration, many owners are in line with the principle of saving when you can. How can you save money? What are the techniques for saving money in decoration? Next, let's take a look at the content introduction of money saving skills in decoration

tips for saving money in decoration 1. Choose furniture in person and don't let the designer do it for you. Now decoration companies have launched services to help buy furniture. But such a budget is difficult to grasp, so it is better to choose and buy by yourself on the basis of listening to the suggestions of the designer. In addition, listen to some designers' suggestions to make fixed furniture as few as possible during decoration, unless the space is very special and you can't buy that size in the market

tips for saving money in decoration 2. Break up parts into whole and buy in batches. Generally speaking, a single purchase is much more expensive than a batch purchase. Therefore, consumers can break up into whole. If furniture of the same nature, such as beds and wardrobes, can be purchased in the same store, the boss will often give higher discounts. In addition, group buying is also a good way to save money

tips for saving money in decoration 3. Save building materials behind cabinet furniture, and choose low-grade building materials behind cabinet furniture. For example, wall tiles can be paved with cheaper tiles where cabinets are placed, and tiles with better materials can be used in exposed places, which can save a lot of unnecessary expenses

tips for saving money in decoration 4. Replace the cover of sofa. Sofa is an important furniture in home. A good set of sofa often costs more than 10000 yuan. Therefore, if you can replace the sofa skin and coordinate with the bedroom style, you don't need to buy another set. A good sofa cover will make the sofa look the same as new

tips for saving money in decoration 5. Skillfully match old and new furniture. The service life of furniture is generally long, and the amount of one-time replacement is too large. You might as well keep the furniture with acceptable style and in line with the overall bedroom style, and then add insufficient furniture

I'll introduce the techniques of saving money in decoration. I hope it can help you. More decoration information is available. Please look forward to it




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