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The whole house door and window customization manufacturer jinyishijia door and window industry made an appearance at the HUAIJI Home Expo. The first HUAIJI Home Expo 2019 was grandly opened on July 21. The whole house door and window customization manufacturer jinyishijia door and window, Europa home, Dongpeng ceramics and more than 30 first-line home brands made an appearance together, offering HUAIJI citizens a home feast of high quality and low price

listening to these participating brands, you know that this Home Expo has a long history. Not all first-line brands are not eligible to participate. Can such an opportunity be missed

Oh, my God

the whole exhibition hall is almost flat

owners of HUAIJI, almost all of which need to be decorated, are flooding in from all directions

when decorating your home, who doesn't consider taking the opportunity to replace windows and doors with better performance

jinyishijia group, a manufacturer of customized doors and windows for the whole house, has all kinds of stainless steel entry doors, balcony doors, kitchen doors, bathroom doors, broken bridge thermal insulation silent windows, and room wooden doors. One stop customization of doors and windows for the whole house

save time and worry

long history and strong strength

big brand, trustworthy

exquisite workmanship, thick texture, and real materials create a safe home barrier; The fashionable and beautiful design with international style brings the owner brilliance. Not only that, for this home expo, Jinyi family showed the latest new products without stinginess, and the price was excellent, which fully reflected the group's sincere intention of giving back to HUAIJI owners

the booth of jinyishijia, a door and window customization manufacturer in the whole house, was crowded, and the owners rushed to line up to place orders, and the receipts were written one after another

finally, jinyishijia HUAIJI exclusive store successfully concluded this activity with a thick pile of orders

jinyishijia HUAIJI store

the whole house door and window customization manufacturer jinyishijia door HUAIJI store is magnificent and luxurious. It reflects the temperament and strength of the first-line door and window brands everywhere, and has a very strong influence in HUAIJI area. The one-stop customization service of doors and windows in the whole house is of good quality and convenient service. The owner doesn't need to rush to stores with multiple brands for various doors and windows. It's comfortable to buy. HUAIJI store usually has a lot of passengers and business is very good

the success of this activity embodies the efforts of the staff of HUAIJI store and the support of the headquarters. The staff of HUAIJI store is energetic and passionate, and they will not stop working hard if they fail to achieve their goals. The headquarters also sent people to guide them. The manufacturers are united and powerful

the thick orders have once again witnessed the unanimous recognition and high praise of the majority of consumers for the quality and service of jinyishijia door, a customization manufacturer of whole house doors and windows. Jinyishijia door, a customization manufacturer of whole house doors and windows, will continue to adhere to the concept of "integrity-based, customer first" to serve consumers across the country and strive to make outstanding contributions to the better home life of the people across the country

Foshan jinyishijia Group originated in Taiwan, China, China in 1971 and invested in Foshan, China in 2002. After years of development, it has successively established jinyijia door industry and jinyishijia door and window enterprises, specializing in the manufacturing and sales of stainless steel entry doors, aluminum alloy doors and windows, sunshine rooms, indoor ecological doors, bathroom doors, and providing one-stop customization services for the integration of door and window systems in the whole house. The group has a number of tactile A technology research and development team with a sense of the times and innovative spirit, as well as complete production equipment

jinyishijia Group signed a contract with Hong Kong Red Star Tang Baoru in 2014 and a strategic partner of CCTV in 2018. It has a number of jinyishijia brand stores, which are full house door and window customization manufacturers all over the country. It is a well-known enterprise in the industry





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