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Modern architectural doors and windows can be roughly divided into plastic windows, composite windows and aluminum alloy windows according to the variety of profiles. Aluminum alloy windows are the main architectural doors and windows products in China today, accounting for a considerable proportion in today's buildings. In fact, aluminum alloy windows have their advantages in terms of wind pressure resistance, water tightness, air tightness and environmental protection. This is because compared with plastic windows with the same section, the moment of inertia of aluminum alloy windows is 3-4 times that of plastic windows; With the use of heat insulation broken bridges in aluminum alloy profiles, the heat preservation and heat insulation performance of aluminum alloy windows has been greatly improved, which is very suitable for the energy-saving requirements vigorously advocated today

aluminum alloy door and window hardware fittings are an important part of it, and its performance and quality have an important impact on the function of doors and windows. Due to the continuous development of modern technology, door and window hardware accessories (handles, handrails, hinges, slides, connectors, etc.) are also increasingly pouring into the market. The shapes and colors of these products are diverse and dazzling, which adds a lot to the practicality and appearance of doors and windows. However, due to the difference of part materials and surface decorative layer materials, their service life (mainly refers to corrosion resistance, durability and strength) is very different. Even for aluminum alloy window accessories with the same color and feel, the difference can be several times or even dozens of times. Aluminum alloy door and window hardware must have sufficient mechanical strength, but also pay attention to whether the selected materials can maintain good corrosion resistance when used in contact with aluminum alloy. Whether the hardware of aluminum alloy doors and windows can meet the design life requirements is very important for the safety and durability of aluminum alloy doors and windows in the process of use. Only by combining the two can we truly give play to the beautiful and durable characteristics of aluminum alloy doors and windows

choose appropriate materials

use materials similar to the potential difference of aluminum profile

use materials similar to the potential difference of aluminum profile or materials with good corrosion resistance is one of the best choices, such as using aluminum alloy to make handles, hinges and various connectors. This same metal combination is an ideal design to avoid self coupling battery. However, many parts are not easy to use aluminum and aluminum alloy because of strength or difficulty in manufacturing. Therefore, stainless steel with good corrosion resistance should also be one of the preferred materials. Stainless steel with good corrosion resistance is generally composed of chromium, nickel, titanium and other components in steel, which itself is a complex primary cell structure, so it has good chemical stability. In many acid, alkali and salt solutions, it has high corrosion resistance in organic acid, steam and wet air. The use of stainless steel will reduce or avoid the harm of galvanic corrosion of profiles

zinc alloy is used with appropriate surface treatment

zinc alloy is widely used in door and window hardware due to its simple manufacturing process and low cost. Zinc alloy is easy to be corroded in acid, alkali and salt solutions, but its surface is easy to passivate in the atmosphere and has good oxidation resistance. The surface of zinc alloy parts generally adopts metal coating or non-metal coating. Typical treatment processes include zinc alloy passivation, zinc passivation, painting, plastic powder spraying, etc. the former has good wear resistance, and the passivation film has certain acid and alkali resistance, which can prolong the corrosion resistance time of parts; The latter is a non-metallic film, which has good insulation and can avoid galvanic corrosion. At present, there is a surface treatment method in the market - electroplating pearl chromium. The pearl chromium film has high hardness, good wear resistance, stainless corrosion resistance and elegant, generous and beautiful appearance. No matter from the perspective of corrosion prevention or the choice of appearance, pearl chrome is one of the best surface treatment methods for aluminum alloy door and window hardware at present

stainless steel is often used.

exposed ordinary carbon steel hardware is generally not suitable for aluminum alloy door and window hardware, because carbon steel itself does not have the performance of surface passivation, and is the sacrificial anode in aluminum alloy door and window in the process of electrochemical corrosion. A better measure is to add insulating materials or non-metallic coatings at the contact parts with aluminum profiles after the surface is coated with metal films, so as to avoid or reduce the damage of galvanic corrosion to hardware. Stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance, so it should be vigorously promoted to use stainless steel to replace carbon steel to make door and window accessories

carry out corresponding surface treatment

metal plating protective layer

practice shows that the electroplated layer formed on the surface of hardware is not only beautiful and smooth, but also has high bonding strength with the base metal under the coating, and the coating is not easy to fall off. In addition, this decorative layer also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and long service life

plating non-metallic protective layer

the artificially generated oxide film on the surface of steel and aluminum hardware is not only beautiful, flat and dense, but also has much higher bonding strength with the matrix, which is difficult to grind away. This oxide film can also prevent the metal under it from further interacting with air or other harmful gases and corroding. Because the oxide film on the surface of steel and aluminum hardware has lost its original metallic properties and become non-metallic, it is also called non-metallic protective decorative layer

adopt double-layer anti-corrosion

at present, carbon steel is widely used in aluminum alloy door and window hardware accessories, such as transmission lock, lining steel, etc. For carbon steel, the main reason for corrosion is the insufficient thickness of zinc coating. For carbon steel plated parts, it is required to increase the thickness of the galvanized layer, and at the same time, strengthen the post-treatment process, and cover it with inorganic salts such as silicate or organic film, which can greatly improve the corrosion resistance of the galvanized layer. After sealing, the original rainbow passive film becomes golden yellow

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