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Decoration may be fishy, how can we prevent it? Many home decoration companies have quality inspection departments, which claim to help customers monitor the decoration quality, but this "self-monitoring" way makes many people disdain. Is it really effective to employ a third party, an independent supervision company, to supervise? Lao Chen in the home decoration supervision company

the decoration may be fishy, how can we prevent it? Many home decoration companies have quality inspection departments, which claim to help customers monitor the decoration quality, but this "self-monitoring" way makes many people disdain. Is it really effective to employ a third party, an independent supervision company, to supervise

Lao Chen has worked in the home decoration supervision company for six years, and there are probably thousands of home decoration projects supervised by him. "We just help the owners spend less money and do more things. Although it costs thousands of yuan, we can review the contract and prevent overestimation. The money saved is often several times the supervision fee." Lao Chen defined "supervision" according to his own understanding, "in fact, many decoration problems are hidden dangers in the quality of the project, and the general owners certainly can't see it. The supervisor will 'muddle through' without saying."

then, how much tricky is decoration? Interviewed several supervisors, the reporter made the following summary:

ignore the process description

general owners will pay more attention to the price of individual items. Decoration companies or foremen often ignore the process description when quoting, especially the regulations on what materials, specifications, grades, formaldehyde, benzene content and so on

because he didn't understand anything at that time, the little director who just finished the decoration was used fuzzy words on the quotation, such as: big core board for cabinet body and cabinet frame, solid wood edge closing, cement, brush interface agent, paper gypsum board cover, etc. later, he learned that it was all a trap! When the supervisor came to inspect and accept it, he knew that it was not environmental protection: the wires were made of so-called PVC pipes that were flat when stepped on. The putty was made of 821 putty, and the gypsum board could be broken when pinched. What was more annoying was that the cement was originally made of diamond 325, but the result was silver shield that had never been heard of. Let the foreman change it, and the other party still said that this silver shield was 3 yuan/bag more expensive than diamonds, and that he could not buy diamonds. However, the supervisor later said that real diamonds cost 40 yuan/bag, and 15 yuan/bag must be fake, not to mention the degree of inferior quality

expert advice: be sure to verify the material, specification and grade face-to-face, and implement it on paper. It will appear as an attachment to the contract, so as not to regret. When you file a lawsuit or plead, there is no evidence to explain clearly, and the decoration company is allowed to provide unqualified and environmentally-friendly materials at will. In addition, when materials enter the site, it is best to be present in person, bring the contract and quotation, and invite knowledgeable people or supervisors to accept them together. Once there is a quality problem, we must adhere to the principle, no is No

inferior materials enter the site one after another

is it safe for materials to enter the site? Absolutely not! Because many materials enter the site one after another, it is inevitable that some unscrupulous foremen will inevitably appear. They will first use some good materials to let the owner accept them in order to deceive them, and then use inferior materials while the owner is away. Some even don't tell the owner about the decoration process at all, and let the inferior materials be used in the concealed works first

expert advice: it's best to have someone appear on the construction site from time to time to avoid the decoration foreman finding out your time rule. It's best to ask the supervisor to be on the construction site for 1-2 hours every day. In addition, appropriately "bribe" the guards and security guards of the community. Please note that if there are batch materials coming out, you must sign or call to ask whether you want to release them

persuade the owner to do more carpentry

Xiao K is very opposed to being done by the decoration company, but her husband, considering that the people in the decoration company earn too little and have emotions, let them do it, and the result is a big failure of the family

the reason is this. The people of the decoration company tried to persuade them to do ceiling: what aisle, corridor, restaurant, film and television, bedside ceiling, there are many projects, and they tried to say well. Later, they couldn't help but agree to install ceiling in aisle, corridor and living room. However, when installing the ceiling in the living room, Xiao K found that the original floor height was only 2.55 meters, and the ceiling was installed 20-25 cm thick, which made the whole space much more depressed. Later, he heard that the best part of the air in the house was in the upper third, "I regret to die!"

expert advice: decoration companies or foremen will always persuade owners to do more carpentry, such as opening cabinets, ceiling, door, etc. It's strange that he doesn't persuade you because water, electricity and carpentry are the big part of their money. The owner must decide according to the actual situation, and never be too soft hearted. For furniture work, unless the owner's house type is irregular, please ask the decoration company or foreman to do it. If you can buy it in the furniture factory, try to buy it in the furniture factory. First, the furniture factory will not deform easily after a variety of processes; Second, if carpentry is done at the owner's house, it will occupy the site, be messy, and the paint "> the paint tastes strong, and the furniture is easy to deform; third, the material is not good




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