Oushennuo ceramics won the 2017 industry benchmark

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Osheno ceramics won the 2017 industry benchmark Award: let every piece of ceramic tile build an ideal home space for you

osheno ceramics won the 2017 industry benchmark Award: let every piece of ceramic tile build an ideal home space for you

with the improvement of consumers' requirements for quality of life, how to create an ideal life scene and lifestyle for consumers has become an important issue for the home building materials industry. To this end, on January 11, 2018, the "ideal life. Home new forces award ceremony" created by Pacific home network was grandly held in Shanghai. The grand ceremony gathered celebrities in the home furnishing industry, well-known designers and many senior media people to discuss the blueprint of "ideal life" in the future. Ou Shennuo as "e; High end ceramic tile customization home "e; The proponent and practitioner of the award was invited to participate in the award ceremony and won the 2017 industry benchmark award at one fell swoop

(osheno ceramics won the trophy of the 2017 annual industry benchmarking Award)

with the upgrading of consumption, people's consumption behavior gradually shifted from the material level to the spiritual level, and the concept of "lifestyle" gradually came into people's vision. At the ideal life designers summit, many celebrities shared their views on industry development and industrial upgrading! For example, Du Baijun, general manager of Shanghai Biren design, shared from the perspective of designers how to upgrade their ideal lifestyle. Deng Di, director of the cross-cultural management research center of Jinan University, delivered a keynote speech on the spring of "slow companies" - looking at the future of China's consumer goods market from the invisible champion, etc

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2017 list of new brands in the home furnishing industry, based on the user questionnaire of the Pacific home furnishing network, the data of China Building Decoration Association and pchouse user database, relevant sales data such as Taobao and jd.com, the annual influence of the brand industry and other comprehensive data, this paper makes an overall review of the current situation of the brand ecology in the home furnishing industry in 2017, commends excellent home furnishing brands, and helps to promote the ideal life in the future. In 2017, Oushennuo ceramics actively embraced the new retail model, provided personalized customization services for ceramic tile space for consumers, promoted the intimate consumption experience of ceramic tile space customization, and became the leader of personalized customization in the ceramic industry. This time, it is also well-known to win the 2017 industry benchmarking award

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osheno ceramics, adhering to " Green, science and technology, humanities " In 2017, through the product research and development mode of eight dimensional integration, we gathered the wisdom of leading-edge ceramic technology at home and abroad and ceramic tile experts from many countries, and launched an international high-end new ceramic tile: Casaro. The fine design and research of Casaro tiles on material, texture and color create a stylized, personalized and modern space charm for contemporary consumers. As Mr. Chen Jiawang, President of osheno ceramics, said, "we hope that through Casaro tiles, Chinese and foreign consumers can feel the international cutting-edge home lifestyle and lead the humanistic lifestyle." Let's hope that in the next 2018, Oushennuo ceramics will bring us more high-quality home life and cultural experience

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