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Energy: high-efficiency "Xinjiang Daqing" construction of Tarim Oilfield energy: high-efficiency "Xinjiang Daqing" construction of Tarim Oilfield introduction: on February 18, the first production well in Keshen 203 of Keshen block of Tarim Oilfield put into operation in 2012 produced 440000 cubic meters of natural gas. After acid fracturing of fracture volume, the maximum daily natural gas production reached 710000 cubic meters, increasing production by 4.9 times. Tarim Oilfield keeps the bottom line of investment and benefit, and integrates management and Technology

on February 18, if Keshen 20, the first production well in Keshen block of Tarim Oilfield, which was put into operation in 2012, can continue to make a breakthrough in technology, well 3 will produce 440000 cubic meters of natural gas. After acid fracturing of fracture volume, the maximum daily natural gas production will reach 710000 cubic meters, increasing production by 4.9 times. Tarim Oilfield will firmly control the bottom line of investment and benefit, and build a high-efficiency "Xinjiang Daqing" driven by management and technology integration innovation. In 2012, the oil field achieved 1800 tons of oil and gas equivalent per capita, and the unit operating cost of oil and gas was $2.78/barrel equivalent, maintaining the leading level in the same industry in China

the front of Kuqa mountain is an area rich in natural gas resources in Tarim and a resource base for the construction of "Daqing in Xinjiang". Tarim Oilfield promotes the speed and efficiency of drilling production with integrated production organization management, technology integration innovation and localization technology. "Zero distance command", "zero gap coordination" and "zero time difference connection" and other management modes to improve production organization and operation efficiency; Multiple contracting modes such as daily fee system, block contracting and general contracting well, as well as a series of targeted incentive mechanisms, have brought the overall advantages into play and achieved a breakthrough in Kuqa mountain front from one well every two years to one round of wells every year

the exploration of carbonate reservoirs is a key research area in Tarim Basin. The researchers of this oilfield creatively established the basic principles and methods of fault interpretation for carbonate rocks. After research, the researchers found that Zhonggu 515 and Zhonggu 519, which were originally planned to be drilled, were located in the fault block with unfavorable reservoir formation, and timely put forward the proposal to postpone drilling. After the proposal is adopted, RMB 100million will be saved

the 42 ~ 86hr30n carbonate oil and gas resources in Tarim Basin account for about 40% of the total oil and gas in the basin. In the exploration of carbonate reservoirs, Tarim Oilfield insists on the requirements of "never drilling one meter of invalid footage or running one meter of invalid casing", so as to improve the accuracy of reservoir prediction and the success rate of drilling and pursue high exploration efficiency. This oil field breaks through the old idea of "exploration evaluation development", innovates the new idea of carbonate exploration and development integrating production, increase and storage, and forms development supporting technologies such as reservoir prediction, three-dimensional carving of fracture and cave body and comprehensive evaluation. The prediction accuracy of carbonate reservoir is increased from 80% to 95%, and the drilling success rate remains at a high level of 80%

in order to reduce the drilling cost, Tarim Oilfield actively promotes the measures of "downsizing" the well structure and shortening the drilling cycle. The well structure of exploratory well in Halahatang block is changed from four spud drilling to three spud drilling. After the optimization of well structure, the average drilling cycle is shortened from 160 days to 118 days, and the average cost of a single well is reduced by 20million yuan

Tarim Oilfield insists on using unconventional means to solve the problem of carbonate rock heterogeneity, and continues to carry out new process and technology tests. At present, it has possessed the domestic leading reservoir reconstruction technologies, such as Tazhong horizontal well subsection reconstruction technology and horizontal well rotary jet acidizing technology, to open up the "meridians" of carbonate rock development. At present, the proportion of carbonate high-efficiency wells in this oilfield has exceeded 40%, and the output of high-efficiency wells accounts for 50% of the total output of carbonate oil wells in the oilfield. Ha 601-6, ha 601-2, ha 15, ha 9-1 and ha 9-2 wells in harahatang oilfield have a daily crude oil output of 408 tons and a cumulative crude oil production of more than 400000 tons, accounting for 40% of the total output of HA 6 block in harahatang, which is basically the same as the loan interest rate of the bank in the same period. They are known as the "five golden flowers" of harahatang

at present, 14 oil and gas high-efficiency development zones, including Lungu, Yingmaili and Halahatang, have been built in Tarim Oilfield, making rapid progress towards the goal of large-scale and efficient development. The output of carbonate crude oil has increased at an average annual rate of 25%. This oilfield also strives to build a model of high-efficiency gas field with few people - Dina gas field innovates the management mode of abnormal high-pressure condensate gas reservoir, continuously optimizes development regulation, requires efficiency from standardized management, and maximizes benefits. In 2012, Dina gas field produced 5.25 billion cubic meters of natural gas. Based on the annual gas consumption of 140million cubic meters in Korla City, the average 5 people in the gas field can guarantee the gas consumption of one medium-sized city. Hade Oilfield adheres to the low-cost strategy and implements flat management, creating a miracle of 10000 tons of oil per capita

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