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Energy saving equipment ushers in development opportunities. The iron and steel sintering waste heat boiler opens a market of 10 billion yuan. The low profit situation of the whole iron and steel industry is forcing the iron and steel energy-saving market to open gradually. In the investigation, China Securities Journal found that the technology of iron and steel energy-saving equipment represented by sintering waste heat boiler has matured, and the production and sales of new energy vehicles in August this year increased by 2.9 times and 3.5 times respectively year-on-year, which has been widely recognized by steel mills. According to industry estimates, the market space of iron and steel sintering waste heat boiler has exceeded 10 billion yuan, and the development prospect of relevant equipment manufacturers is good

market space of 10 billion yuan

it is understood that high-temperature flue gas and waste heat utilization will be involved in each process of iron and steel production, so waste heat boilers are widely used in the iron and steel industry. In particular, the waste heat boiler in the sintering process has become the main energy-saving equipment in the industry

"at present, there are less than 100 sets of sintering machines equipped with waste heat boilers in China, and the market space is very huge." Li Bing, deputy director of Energy Department of metallurgical planning and Research Institute, said in an exclusive interview with China Securities Journal that if the sintering waste heat equipment is calculated separately, the investment cost of each set is 5million yuan -10million yuan. If the construction and installation costs of waste heat boiler and generator set are all included, the cost of sintering waste heat power generation is about 6000 to 7000 yuan per 1000 watts. "From the implementation efficiency of large steel mills, the investment cost can be basically recovered within three to five years." Li Bing said frankly

according to the estimation of insiders, there are nearly 1500 sintering machines nationwide at present. If 100 sets of surplus heat boiler equipment have been put into operation, there are still 1400 sintering machines in China that are not equipped with waste heat boiler equipment. However, the separate investment cost of waste heat boiler is only 50 yuan. Lithium copper foil has higher requirements for performance, precision and uniformity of 0 million yuan to 10 million yuan, which means that the market space of sintered waste heat boiler will exceed 10 billion yuan

"It is not only a new market space, but also the concept and use of the sintering waste heat power generation technology wear implementing machine in the past few years. The implementing machine is used to measure the mechanical functions, process functions, internal defects of metal materials, non-metal materials, mechanical parts, engineering structures, etc. under various conditions and conditions, and the precision testing instrument technology that changes the dynamic measurement of parts and components is becoming more and more perfect. Many waste heat boiler equipment needs to be upgraded. This is the demand of this part The amount is also very large. " Li Bing said

the technology has been mature.

as early as 2008, the Ministry of industry and information technology had promoted waste heat boiler recovery for power generation, but due to the immature technical level, it has not been widely accepted by steel mills. With the continuous improvement of waste heat power generation technology, steel plants have generally accepted this technology, and many contract energy management companies have also begun to promote sintering waste heat boilers

"in recent months, we have contacted with planning and design institutions and contract energy management companies to build a set of sintering waste heat boiler." The owner of a 3million ton private steel mill in Hebei told the China Securities Journal that the company had set up an energy management department to take charge of the matter. "From the perspective of the steel plant, the construction of sintering waste heat boiler to realize power generation can save energy costs, which is the most practical thing." The person said frankly

China Securities Journal has learned that steel mills are highly motivated to promote energy-saving equipment, especially through contract energy management. Many private steel enterprises have accepted the sintering waste heat boiler technology and are actively building it

"among the outsourcing energy costs of iron and steel enterprises, coal is the most important, followed by electricity." Li Bing pointed out that a 360 square meter sintering machine equipped with a ton waste heat boiler and a 10 MW generator set can generate 7000 hours of normal power every year, which will greatly reduce the scale of purchased power of steel enterprises

"at present, in some steel plants with good waste heat power generation, the proportion of self power generation can reach 70%, generally around 40%. With the reduction of purchased power, the energy cost of steel enterprises will naturally be reduced." Li Bing said. Although the steel industry is depressed, it has not affected the investment of enterprises in the field of energy conservation. On the contrary, it is precisely because of the limited profit space that steel enterprises will spend more energy on energy saving investment and cost reduction

according to insiders, after years of development, various technologies for power generation by iron and steel sintering waste heat boiler have been mature and improved, and the operation efficiency is also continuously improving, which has been widely recognized by steel enterprises. At present, large steel enterprises have basically started to burn surplus heat boilers, and the waste heat power generation of Tangshan Iron and steel new area, Jigang and other steel plants is running well. Arc height at 0.7 times, 1.0 times and 1.3 times of rated load for loading and unloading from the perspective of equipment manufacturers, Hangzhou Boiler Co., Ltd., Hailu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Boiler plant currently have a high share in the sintering waste heat market

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