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Energy storage moves from behind the scenes to the front. The hottest "air outlet" in the energy field is battery car battery, pumped storage, compressed air storage... These phenomena are common in people's life, and they are all due to the role of energy storage technology. However, for a long time, the energy storage technology has been unknown, in the state of being raised in the purdah

recently, five departments including the national development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration jointly issued the guiding opinions on promoting the development of energy storage technology and industry (hereinafter referred to as the opinions), which defined the significance, overall requirements, key tasks and safeguard measures of promoting the development of energy storage technology and Industry in China. For a time, energy storage went from behind the scenes to the front stage, just like becoming the hottest "tuyere" in the energy field

the energy storage industry is moving forward from technology accumulation to commercialization.

the opinion points out that energy storage is an important component and key supporting technology of smart electricity, high proportion of renewable energy, and energy interconnection. Energy storage can provide peak load regulation, frequency modulation, standby, black start, demand response support and other services for power operation. It is an important means to improve the flexibility, economy and security of traditional power systems

"the proportion of renewable energy consumption in the whole power structure is getting higher and higher, which should be one of the backgrounds for the publication of the opinions." Houguoyou, technical director of Tianneng group, said that according to the "13th five year plan" of China's new energy, the proportion of renewable energy will reach more than 13% by 2020, and 20% in advanced areas, including 200million kW of wind power installed capacity and 100million kW of photovoltaic power station installed capacity. The intermittent, random and decentralized characteristics of large-scale renewable energy access also put forward new requirements for power system management

"at present, China's energy storage industry is at a 'critical point' from technology accumulation to the initial stage of commercialization." Houguoyou said that in order to adapt to the new changes in the pattern of energy supply and demand, actively respond to the distributed new power generation and accelerate the construction of energy storage technology and demonstration projects, the opinions came into being, which added great impetus to the last "one kilometer" of the top-level design exhibition that guided the development of China's new material industry during the "1035" period

define the roadmap for the development of energy storage technology

"as the first guiding policy document for the independence of China's energy storage industry, the introduction of the opinions on the double column tensile testing machine is higher than the single column tensile testing machine marks that China's energy storage industry has officially entered the national level for promotion." Hou Guoyou said

the opinions defines the support types of energy storage technologies, such as high-performance lead-carbon capacitor battery energy storage, 100MW lithium-ion battery energy storage system, 100MW all vanadium flow battery energy storage power station, 10mw/100mwh supercritical compressed air energy storage system, etc; The opinions on "1035" plastic processing industry to achieve the following goals and tasks put forward that the industrial development in the next 10 years will be promoted in two stages. From 2018 to 2020, the energy storage will realize the transition from R & D demonstration to the initial stage of commercialization, and from the initial stage of commercialization to large-scale development after 2020

"the opinions pointed out the development direction of the commercialization of China's energy storage industry and also defined the development goals for the next decade." Houguoyou said that the energy storage industry needs to tackle key problems in technical equipment research and development, key technologies, materials, modules, systems, etc., and key demonstration projects and application scenarios need innovation and breakthrough, so as to lead the industry to a sustainable and stable path of commercialization

introducing energy storage to make it a very ideal compensation mechanism for brake pad material energy service

Hou Guoyou said that the highlight of the opinions is to clearly establish an energy storage service compensation mechanism to promote the commercialization of energy storage. Although the subsidy policies, power spot market transactions and other implementation rules that the industry is generally concerned about have not been revealed, the opinions proposes to establish a policy of reasonable compensation for energy storage participating in power market transactions and a compensation mechanism for energy storage services matching with power market-oriented operation services through the layout of a number of leading major energy storage pilot demonstration projects and the analysis of the operation experience and operation data of these demonstration projects

"the cost of energy storage system is too high and the application is difficult. Although the majority of new energy enterprises are optimistic about energy storage, they are also watching." Houguoyou called on relevant state departments to introduce energy storage subsidy policies as soon as possible and give necessary tax incentives to energy storage demonstration projects

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