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Energy saving and environment-friendly engine technology has become a breakthrough in the development of the automotive industry

at present, the Chinese automotive industry is facing increasing pressure under the situation that PPI has repeatedly reached new highs. The development model of winning with low price has caused the indication error to be positive; On the contrary, it is difficult for the right tilt to be negative, and the independent brand must further develop by improving the technical content

on April 23, at the Sohu 2008 made in China National Automobile Industry Forum, sunxiaohua, chairman of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, proposed to take energy-saving and environmental protection engine technology as a breakthrough for the development of China's automobile industry. His views resonated with wangxiaoguang, director of the Economic Research Office of the national development and Reform Commission, chenqingquan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and xiazhibing, general manager of BYD automobile sales company

vigorously develop energy-saving and environmental protection technologies

according to the 2008 China automotive industry report jointly issued by the Development Research Department of the State Council, especially the central industry with a broad market in developing countries, China Automotive Engineering Association and Volkswagen Group, The international competitiveness level of China's automobile industry is still lower than that of the international industry. Under the extremely low volume fraction of polycarbonate, which is only 0.082%, the effective elastic modulus and strength level are significantly increased by half. The environmental competitiveness is 51.13, the industrial organization competitiveness is 43.5, and the industrial innovation competitiveness is 38.68

sunxiaohua said that a major issue facing our country, especially automobile manufacturers, is how to further improve international competitiveness and enhance creativity. He suggested that the energy-saving and environment-friendly engine technology should be taken as a breakthrough to improve the creativity of China's automobile industry

chenqingquan also believes that energy, environmental protection and safety are the three key issues for the sustainable development of the automotive industry. To solve these problems, China's automobile industry should carry out two revolutions. "One is the fuel revolution, from the current gasoline and diesel to diversified fuels, such as natural gas and ethanol, in which electric power is the best carrier. The second is the driven revolution. To continue to transform the internal combustion engine and improve its fuel efficiency, it also depends on automotive electronics and electronic technology."

wangxiaoguang further proposed that China should encourage energy-saving, low emission and low energy consumption vehicles in policy

form an automobile and electrical appliance industry alliance

for the development of new energy, the consensus of Chinese automobile industry is that the research and development of power systems using new energy as fuel requires more exchanges in the fields of automobile and electrical appliances

chenqingquan said that hybrid power combines the advantages of electric motor and internal combustion engine. The best working period of internal combustion engine is limited. The load of the automobile on the road changes greatly. The internal combustion engine burns the fuel to form power, which is difficult to control in this process. The working principle of the motor determines its strong controllability, so hybrid power is not an expedient measure for the automotive powertrain. Chenqingquan believes that it is easier to start with weak mixing and achieve strength from light mixing. The state should formulate strategies and development directions according to needs and possibilities, and each enterprise should formulate strategies and development directions according to needs and possibilities

chenqingquan believes that if the government does not play a leading role in the development of new energy, it may be difficult to achieve. There are about 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic in total, because it is a new thing. He suggested that the national automobile department should establish an alliance with Sinopec and PetroChina to formulate energy-saving standards through legislation and introduce some incentive policies for emission standards

chenqingquan emphasized that the development of hybrid power should have a clear strategy and be supported by industrial policies. If China's automobile industry wants to have its own brand, it must have its own core technology. He called on China's automobile industry and electrical industry to form an alliance. "China needs to cultivate a group of people who can understand electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are the combination of mechanical technology and electrical technology. It is hoped that people who are engaged in automobiles can learn more about motors, and people who are engaged in motors can learn about automobiles, so that they can have their own core knowledge."

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