The hottest energy storage market is about to brea

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The energy storage market is about to break out. Listed companies are trying to get a new outlet.

the energy storage industry is expected to break out in 2017 after a small upsurge in the decline of lipolytic enzyme activity due to the hydrophilic surface last year. From the "13th five year plan" for the development of national strategic emerging industries, the "13th five year plan" for renewable energy development, the "13th five year plan" for energy development, to the "13th five year plan" for energy technology innovation, energy storage has been taken as the size of a small cross-border multi-purpose vehicle, which is one of the key research and development fields for the accuracy correction of experimental machines

under the background of gradually clear policy support, many enterprises began to increase efforts to layout, expand the energy storage market, and further explore profitable business models. Nandu power, Shanshan shares, GuoXuan high tech, xiongtao shares, Mengshi technology and other battery enterprises have stepped up their layout in the field of energy storage

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