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Triton significantly improves network visibility and control through expand networks

expand networks, a leading enterprise that helps enterprise branches achieve integration and virtualization through wide area optimization (WAN), announced today that Triton express() has successfully improved the visibility and control of its network traffic using the accelerator of expand networks. By adopting optimization technology, customers have been provided with efficient, reliable and cost-effective services, and the current network environment of freight expert Triton is more stable and efficient

triton operates under the MPLS environment, and its sites in Durban and Johannesburg provide services for business applications in 12 branches in the whole region. The company relies on its wide area operation of important business processes, such as freight management, internal administration, Bill tracking and customer relationship management. Craig Comins, it manager of Triton South Africa, and his team hope to prioritize these processes and protect other important traffic such as non interruptible remote login and obvious adsorptive sound in the language honeycomb structure

he explained, "our MPLS protocol only provides us with service categories, but it is not a real universal quality of service (QoS) 。 We hope to establish our own service quality, so that we can fully control voice, video and data flow, accelerate the elimination of backward energy production, and realize the complete visualization of the network. Expand showed me how to control all the traffic of the network as a user; Put the data package into the first tier cities with sufficient talents and capital in the last mile of MPLS and mark it with words and deeds for downstream service quality processing and control adjustment. In this way, we can have three different service categories, which all replace data classes in the process of operation. "

"but we choose expand not only to compress and accelerate so as to save bandwidth costs, but also to achieve visibility and control. We hoped and can now be 100% sure that no matter what we threw away in the network - it can handle it well - and provide every data stream and application in the right time."

triton recently decided to replace the traditional camera used for warehouse freight analysis in its Durban site with a high-definition camera. This requires a lot of bandwidth to provide enough frames per second. By deploying the accelerator of expand, Triton can prioritize the traffic and maximize the available bandwidth, thus supporting this work

craig continued: "With expand, I like the simple real-time granular image I get very much, so I know exactly how much traffic I use and when to use it. We found that the network usage accounts for only 25% in the afternoon, but 100% in the morning; this is consistent with our administrative activities and when most of our trucks start working. Therefore, it is obvious that we need to do camera data analysis It can be done in the afternoon. With 400k of network available data, our bandwidth can reach more than 1 frame per second, which is enough for our analysis. Avigilon's high definition stream management has been able to do this. For example, we can now easily analyze whether some specific items have been loaded on the truck. "

expand's compression capacity greatly improves Triton's bandwidth. Together with the layer 7 quality of service and visualization functions, this will help Craig and his team manage the peak demand, avoid the congestion of key enterprise applications, and reduce the repeated traffic of the network

"Our compression efficiency has been maintained at more than 30%, and now it is reflected in my network diagram that there is a wide yellow band, rather than a narrow band from time to time. RDP sessions have also been greatly improved. Since the deployment of expand, all the complaints we have received about network performance have been resolved immediately through the service quality of expand - I know that if there is no expand in the network, they will definitely complain. Expand has become the owner of Triton A basic technology of the site. With the continuous growth of the organization, expansion's optimization technology has become an integral part of the creation process of any new office or branch. "

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