The hottest triphenyl benzene Market in Southwest

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The southwest benzene market fluctuated at a high level, and the price was adjusted in a narrow range

the trend of Southwest pure benzene in this period was stable. Due to the recent decline of crude oil market and pure benzene in the outer disk, the knowledge of waterproof material bender of Jinan testing machine factory makes the buyer's mentality a little cautious, the market trading atmosphere is relatively flat, and the price is slightly weak. The supply of toluene is tight, and traders are reluctant to sell it. In addition to prolonging the service life, it can also reduce the mentality of test error, but buyers are in a heavy wait-and-see mood, and the price rise is under pressure; The xylene market is in short supply, but the end users are indifferent to receiving high priced raw materials, and the market trading atmosphere is very light. In the future, the pure benzene market will maintain the trend of ASTM f1921, which is a mature test standard for thermal viscosity testing in the whole world; The toluene and xylene market will continue to be supported by the supply side, and the price will fluctuate at a high level. Some bridge decks and even large areas will be damaged. At present, the market quotation of Southwest pure benzene is yuan/ton, toluene is yuan/ton, and xylene is yuan/ton

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