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TRICRYSTAL inverter will participate in the 2010 Guangxi (ASEAN) Machinery Expo

S350 high performance vector inverter, which will be held at Guangxi Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center on December, after Zhejiang Ningbo machine tool exhibition and Dongguan International Mold and metal processing exhibition, the most influential exhibition in China's Electromechanical field. Sanjing Electric Co., Ltd. will display the S350 high-performance vector converter with new concept, new technology and new design. Applicable to CNC machine tools, woodworking machinery, petrochemical machinery, construction machinery, cable equipment, paper machinery, printing equipment, washing equipment and other industries. Please visit, exchange and experience at that time

time: December

1 generally, the two ends of the material sample are clamped on two fixtures with a certain distance between them

location: the profit per ton of Guangxi steel is more than 1000 yuan/ton. The booth of Sanjing Electric Co., Ltd. in building A4, rongbaohua, 223 Xingguang Avenue, Nanning: Hall 1 C25, C26

ten characteristics of S350 non inductive vector converter:

1. The latest high-speed motor control special chip DSP is used to ensure the rapid response of vector control

2. Built in advanced PID algorithm, response block, strong adaptability and simple debugging

3. The modular design of hardware circuit ensures the stable and efficient operation of the circuit

4. There are rich control modes, and PG vector control, torque control and v/f control can be flexibly selected

5. The accuracy of speed stabilization can reach 0.2%. At low speed, the speed change rate is small and the operation is smooth

6. Equipped with RS485 interface and built-in international standard Modbus rtu/ascii communication protocol, it can realize the centralized control of frequency converter group through pc/plc and other upper computers

7. The built-in simple PLC function realizes multi-functional logic control such as timing, constant speed and orientation, and meets the requirements of various non-5 and axis sub control multi-functional experimental machines with strong expansion capacity and complex working conditions in a flexible control mode

8. The unique self-adaptive control characteristics of the excavator automatically limit the upper limit of motor torque during operation and suppress overcurrent

9. The input voltage has a wide range and strong adaptability. It has the function of automatic voltage stabilization (AVR) output. Through the display screen, you can know the shape of the experimental machine and various experimental parameters, and do not stop when the power is off instantly

10. Built in DC braking and energy consumption braking can realize rapid braking and shutdown

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