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The troika has achieved the leading edge of Delta industrial power supply

since April this year, Delta industrial power has entered Beijing New 4 with a high profile Since the electronic market of Zhongfa digital multimeter (or other types of multimeter), the momentum has been overwhelming, reproducing huge waves in the industrial power market, leading a new round of reshuffle in the whole industry and showing huge brand expansion. Although Delta, which has been low-key and pragmatic for many years, has not made much publicity, in fact, its products have already gone deep into users. The troika of technical advantages, industry experience and service network is fast-moving, leading Delta in the mainland industrial power market and making the fast-growing express industry a leader in energy consumption

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42 years of deep accumulation of power technology

the leading concept of environmental protection and energy conservation and continuously innovative power technology are important guarantees for Delta industrial power to always obtain market opportunities

42 years ago, delta started with power supply. Up to now, Delta has become the world's leading supplier of power management and cooling management solutions. It is not only the world's largest switching power supply manufacturer, its switching power supply accounts for half of the world's IT field, but also its communication power supply, network power supply, UPS power supply and other products are also users' preferred brands. With its rich accumulation of power electronics technology, delta launched industrial power products in 2008. In recent years, with the rapid growth of the industrial power market at the rate of 30% - 50% per year, delta power has accumulated a lot and its advantages have become increasingly apparent. DRP Cliq series guide rail industrial power supply, PMC PMT series flat panel industrial power supply and related innovative products that have been listed in succession have been highly praised and are widely used in automatic production lines and engineering projects in various industries

21 years of rich experience in serving industrial users in the mainland

Delta has entered the mainland market since 1992, maintaining a high-speed development trend with an average annual growth rate of 34.5%, and its turnover in 2012 exceeded 3.5 billion yuan. Delta has always positioned itself as providing efficient and reliable power, video, automation and energy management solutions for industrial users (such as telecommunications, data centers, electric power, petrochemical, railway, industrial machinery, etc.). With an in-depth understanding of the operating environment of Chinese customers, according to the process needs of all walks of life, we integrate the excellent power electronics and control technology of delta group, and continue to introduce products with leading performance at home and abroad. In order to meet customers' needs for high reliability, the technical solution center puts forward complete solutions and creates competitive advantages for customers

with in-depth understanding of industrial users in various industries and rich cooperation experience, Delta has become the most trusted partner of domestic industrial users

dense and powerful service network

Delta has set up 41 branches and service points, 64 technical service points and 12 maintenance points in the mainland. Relying on well-trained technology, 2 is that managers take the lead in changing the style and technology service team. Delta provides customers with personalized and comprehensive pre-sales service and the most reliable after-sales guarantee

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