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Three integration promotes the upgrading of traditional industries

recently, the list of pilot areas (cities) in the second phase of three integration was announced, with a total of 42 areas (cities) being shortlisted. Once the news was released, it immediately attracted the attention of the industry. Undoubtedly, the appearance of the second batch of pilot cities will stimulate the upgrading of traditional industries to a certain extent and bring new development opportunities to them

three convergence is the necessity and demand of the development of the industrial chain

although we began to understand three convergence from the emergence of IPTV and cable TV broadband access, today, the connotation and strategic significance of three convergence are not the same

from the perspective of the national level, the three integration has been raised to the national strategic level, which will not only have a significant impact on China's information development, but also play a great role in the cultural industry, which will have a profound impact and significance on the national economic and social development

from the perspective of the industrial chain, with the continuous deepening of foreign industrial integration and the continuous promotion of domestic three integration pilot work, the industry has reached a consensus that the three integration is not simply the mutual entry of telecommunications and radio and television into each other's business areas, nor the simple upgrading and upgrading of product terminals by terminal manufacturers. The three convergence is accelerating the in-depth integration of relevant industrial chains. The emergence of a large number of new technologies, new products and new businesses from some foreign manufacturers is prompting all parties in the industrial chain to actively transform and seek new roles in the context of the three convergence

at present, the innovation brought by the three integration will not simply stay in the existing businesses. With the promotion of the three integration, its role in the integration and promotion of the industrial chain will continue to increase. At present, the biggest impact is on the radio and television, telecommunications and Internet industry chains, especially the first two

from the perspective of radio and television, with the rise of broadband Internet and mobile Internet, the impact of the Internet on the traditional TV industry is obvious to all, and more and more viewers are leaving TV to go to the Internet; From the perspective of Telecom, although it has broadband access, it is unable to control the content due to various factors. In recent years, telecom 3. Potential injury: the heat generated by electrostatic discharge electric field or current will cause component injury. The voice that operators become "pure pipeline operators" also tells its biggest dilemma

in a word, the three integration is the necessity and demand of industrial development. Only by early positioning their roles in each link can they occupy a place in the follow-up development

cultivating effective demand can find the foothold of the three integration.

according to the research of CCID consultants, the scale of China's three integration industry exceeded 120billion yuan in 2010. This output value only calculates the output value related to or generated by the changes brought about by the three integration. At present, China's three integration industry is only in the promotion stage, and its future market potential can be imagined. Since the market space is so huge, why does it coincide with Fraunhofer Institute of chemical technology? Since the concept of "three integration" was first proposed in 2001, China's "three integration" has stumbled forward in entanglement? In addition to the interest game, the key reason is that we have not really cultivated effective market demand

first of all, although there are many cross domain integrated products in the market, such as Internet TV, IPTV Set-top box, two-way digital TV set-top box, Internet player, etc., which have also been recognized by some consumers, they have not yet formed a scale effect. In addition, such integrated products often involve multiple fields, and enterprises need to consider more and more complex factors, which makes it difficult for enterprises to quickly expand users and find successful business models

secondly, users only care about how to get faster and richer information services at the most affordable price. However, either the terminal is imperfect, the content cannot meet the demand, or the price is unacceptable. Users cannot really enjoy the convenience brought by the three integration, and their demand will naturally be greatly reduced. Taking smart TV as an example, a market survey shows that up to 97% of respondents believe that smart TV has new functions that they need or are interested in compared with traditional TV. However, at present, the functional services provided by smart TV for users are far less abundant than those provided by smart and computers. Therefore, consumers' satisfaction with smart TV needs to be improved

as Shi Wei, an expert at the Institute of economic system reform of the national development and Reform Commission, pointed out, only by cultivating effective demand at the industrial level, market level and consumer level, can the three integration really find a place to fall

network construction and business innovation are the key points

the most popular understanding of the so-called three integration is that you can operate multimedia integrated services such as text, voice, data, image and video through only one network, which fully shows that network construction is one of the key points of the three integration

Miao Wei, Minister of industry and information technology, revealed on December 26 last year that the Ministry of industry and information technology will promote the implementation of the "broadband China" strategy, strive for national policy and financial support, accelerate the development of 3G and optical broadband networks, and expand coverage. By the end of 2015, the bandwidth of urban households will reach more than 20 trillion, that of rural households will reach more than 4 trillion, and that of urban households in the provincial capital of the eastern developed regions will reach 100 trillion

insiders believe that "broadband China" as a national strategy is just around the corner. Under the current background that the overall planning of the three convergence is still not perfect, if the broadband development of the three convergence is included in the national broadband plan, we know that it will undoubtedly be a national project that will contribute to the future. This can not only save investment and avoid repeated construction, but also take the lead in driving the development of relevant links of the industrial chain and preheating the market in advance. CCID consultants predicted that the upgrading of cable TV and telecommunications will be an inevitable measure in 2011. According to estimates, the scale of network equipment investment will be about 300billion yuan in the next few years

the biggest beneficiary of the three convergence is consumers. Users can enjoy information services such as watching TV, making calls and sending text messages with only one line. However, the business model that has been carried out by the three convergence is still relatively simple, which does not fully reflect the characteristics of convergence. Due to the wide variety of value-added services of telecommunications and the relatively small number of value-added services of TV terminals, users are more accustomed to enjoying information services through interconnection. Therefore, accelerating the innovation of integrated business will be another major focus of the three integration. Communication message

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