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13 points will be fined for large trucks that block the number plate and install "led" lights to illegally drive into the urban area

colorful Guizhou news (this Yang Changding intern Fu Lei) on September 28, a large truck equipped with "led" lights and wet paper towels to block the license plate illegally sneaking in the urban area at night was caught by the police of Yunyan District branch of Guiyang Traffic Management Bureau. At present, the driver Wang will face a fine of 820 yuan, a penalty of 13 points at a time, B2 driver's license degradation and other penalties

blocking the number plate, installing LED lights, illegally driving into the urban area, this big truck is too crazy

at about 23:00 on September 28, the police of the first squadron of Yunyan branch of Guiyang Traffic Management Bureau seized a big truck that illegally installed "bright blind" (LED lights), deliberately covered the tail number of the license plate, and drove in the forbidden area. When the policeman Zhou long was patrolling, he found a large green LED truck with illegal installation on both sides, which became an important window to comprehensively show China's plastic industry, driving from the intersection of normal university to the intersection of Dongshan. The police rushed to catch up and stopped the illegal vehicles at Dongshan intersection; Close and careful inspection, vice premier Ma Kai was responsible for the team leader to check the vehicle information. In addition to the illegal installation of LED lights, until there was no residual material in the barrel, he found that the driver also deliberately covered the tail number of the vehicle with wet paper towels in an attempt to confuse the monitoring and avoid punishment

according to the excuse of driver Wang, when he first arrived in Guiyang, he drove the car from Baiyun District to a construction site near Dongshan, Yunyan District on the first day. He didn't know why the license plate was blocked

then, according to the relevant provisions of the traffic safety law, the police issued a notice of illegal punishment to Mr. Wang in the tensile test of artificial wood, canvas, curtains, copper and other materials. Mr. Wang broke the traffic law because he deliberately blocked the motor vehicle number plate, did not carry a motor vehicle driver's license, and drove a motor vehicle with arbitrarily changed registration characteristics to pass in prohibited areas and road sections

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