The hottest trough type FRP Bridge should be used

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Trough fiberglass cable tray should be used in the environment with wind protection requirements

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if the grooved FRP Bridge is to be used in the environment with wind proof requirements, then the closed or semi closed structure made of fire-resistant plates or other materials should be added to the cable ladder and tray, and a layer of paint should be painted on the surface of the grooved FRP Bridge, so that the bridge can meet the relevant national standards and specifications

to use the grooved FRP Bridge in a corrosive environment with little impact on the price (except for the door type), it is necessary to choose the grooved FRP Bridge made of corrosion-resistant rigid materials, or carry out some corrosion-resistant treatment on the grooved FRP Bridge, but the treatment should meet the requirements of durability

in some places with high fire protection requirements, aluminum alloy cable trays must not be used

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